Koala Stunner Sofa Bed Review - Should You Buy It?


January 9, 2024

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Do you want a piece of furniture that is stylish and versatile? The Stunner Sofa Bed by Koala is a sleek sofa bed, perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing at home. It's easy to fit in your space from a design perspective with three different colours to choose from.

It also comes in easy-to-assemble parts that take a little over 15 minutes to complete. But, while it does check off a few essential qualities of a good product, is it truly the right one for you? Or is it all hype and no value? In this article, we’ll review the sofa bed and break it down feature-by-feature to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Koala Stunner Sofa Bed Review


Koala Stunner Sofa Bed is the best choice for people who want to upgrade their bed and sofa together without exhausting their resources. This stylish, cosy, and comfy sofa provides an elevated sleep position so you can enjoy a good night's sleep every night.

It features a pull-out platform, enabling you to transform this sofa into a double bed within seconds. Whether you choose this sofa bed to sit on or sleep on, you will feel the ultimate comfort of its balanced seat cushions. 

If you want to convert the sofa to bed, pull its drawers out, displace the cushions, flip the bed, and you are ready to hit the sack! Koala has particularly designed this article with a small footprint. 

So, you won't have to make room to enjoy the contentment that comes with this sofa bed. It will just seamlessly fit in limited spaces or spare rooms, adding warmth and style to any space. 

The Koala Stunner Sofa Bed is furnished with exclusive fabric. Not only does the sofa bed durable, but it also has stain-resistant properties. Besides, the following are some notable features that you can take advantage of on purchasing a Koala Stunner Sofa Bed:

  • Layered filling for cooling and comfort
  • Steel frame construction
  • Three seater sofa makes a double bed 
  • Special fabric with durable, recycled fibres and stain-resistant technology
  • Small footprint
  • Available in three cosy colours
  • Built-in storage with gas lift lids
  • Highly comfortable seat cushions made with a mixture of layers
  • 5-year warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Free returns
  • 120-night trial period

How Does the Koala Stunner Sofa Bed Feel to Sleep On?

Koala Stunner Sofa Bed is the ultimate indulgence for your stressed-out mind and body! The soft, down-like feel of the filling and polyester cover will instantly relax you after a long day.

It simply allows all of your troubles to fade with the help of Koala's unique shock-absorbing foam. Moreover, it is super comfortable to sleep on. So, get ready to kick back in luxury with friends and loved ones or enjoy a better night's sleep!

What's the Koala Stunner Sofa Bed Made From?

The Koala Stunner Sofa Bed is a multipurpose item that you can use as a bed or sofa. Moreover, it is made with advanced technology combining innovative foam layers, polyester fabric, steel frame construction, and gas lift lids.


Koala has designed this stunning sofa bed with a carbon steel frame for added durability. The top timber panels are made with plywood with Birch veneer that is 100% FSC approved.


Like timber panels, the legs are composed of 100% FSC-certified plywood. 

Storage Box

The brand has used mixed timber and birch veneer plywood, both FSC-certified for sustainability. 


The large sofa seat and the entire frame in the Koala Stunner Sofa Bed are covered with a posh fabric of 80% polyester and 20% recycled polyester.

Fill Armrest/ Backrest Cushions

The support layer of this sofa bed is made with CertiPUR-US polyurethane foam. For additional comfort, the brand has added a polyurethane comfort layer over the support layer. Furthermore, both of these fill layers are wrapped in a polyester wadding layer. Besides, a mix of 70% polyester fibre and 30% chipped foam goes into the backrest or armrest cushion fills. 

Weight and Thickness

The Stunner Sofa Bed comes in a single variant. It features a three-seater sofa that turns into a double bed. The overall weight of the product is 104.5 kg. Besides, the dimensions are as follows:

Length: 76 cm

Width: 201 cm

Height with cushions: 93 cm

Height without cushions: 76 cm

How Much Does It Cost?

Compared to other sofa beds in the market, the Koala Stunner Sofa Bed comes with an affordable price tag. This 3-seater sofa bed is available for purchase on the official website for just $2,199. 

Bonus Features

5-Year Warranty

The Stunner Sofa Bed is a stylish sofa bed with an advanced storage system and a 5-year Koala warranty.

120-Day Trial

Koala offers this sofa bed with a 120-day trial option. Afterwards, you can keep it or call the company for hassle-free returns.

Is Koala Stunner Sofa Bed Right for You?

If you are looking for a piece of furniture with dual properties like a sofa and a bed, the Kola Stunner Sofa Bed should be your choice!

The Stunner Sofa Bed is a comfortable, budget-friendly option for you and your guests. With its durable fabric and sturdy frame, the Koala sofa bed includes simple cushions with a hidden zipper to create a space within an already spacious room area. Also, this article features easy-to-clean materials that minimise dust mites and allergens.

The sofa bed that never goes out of style, the Koala Stunner Sofa Bed, has a solid and practical design. Whether you want a bed with storage or an extra seating area, this sofa bed will have a space and design that is just right! 

Final Thoughts

A sofa bed that converts into a bed in 3 easy steps, Koala has designed this sofa for tough or limited space. Moreover, this fold-out sofa is designed for small rooms or spaces, with comfortable cushions, storage, and a steel frame to keep the trendy design looking good even after years of use.

The Koala Stunner Sofa Bed is a hearty piece of furniture that will turn heads in any room. It has a striking design to satisfy even the most discerning viewers, while its sophistication gives this sofa bed a touch of class. From its comfy toppers and tufting to its graceful curves and taut sturdiness, this stunning sofa bed is a composition that will stand out in any room!