Koala Getaway Sofa Bed Review


January 9, 2024

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Every casual sofa buyer has two requirements. One, they want a soft sofa. Two, they want a sofa large enough to lie down on. The new Koala Getaway Sofa Bed may meet these criteria but is it really the couch of your dreams? Will it fit into your home's aesthetics? What about the size, how large is it? We'll answer all these questions and more in our review of the Koala Getaway Sofa.


Koala is a well-known Australian furniture brand dedicated to providing great furniture and keeping the environment in mind while doing so. Like all of Koala's other products, the Getaway Sofa Bed doesn't disappoint in terms of quality and comfort. Before we share details on its design and important features, here is a quick summary of this product.

  • There are four different colours to choose from: Penguin Parade, Choppy Waves, Outback, and Kakadu
  • The sofa cover has a high-end look that goes well with any home decor
  • The sofa bed comes in 1-14 flat-pack boxes
  • It has six sizes, from a two-seater to seven-seater
  • Koala offers a 120-night risk-free trial and full refund pickup. In remote areas, there may be a pickup fee.
  • Self-assembly is quick and easy
  • Sofa comes pre-assembled
  • Made in China but designed in Australia


At first glance, a Koala Getaway Sofa might look thick and heavy because its sides look especially big. However, lift it a bit, you'll realise how easy and light it is. Thus, if you have anyone in the house who loves redecorating, moving this sofa won't be a problem.

The Koala Getaway Sofa Bed is available in two to seven-seater corner variants. It has a perfect combination of foam, spring, and fibre, making it comfortable wherever you sit. 

Having drawers in the sofa isn't something you see every day, but the Koala Getaway Sofa has drawers made from solid timber. These drawers can help increase your living room space as you can fit a lot of stuff in them. For example, it's a great place to keep kids' toys, books and crayons.

The chaise of this sofa connects the corners and allows them to form a longer couch. However, if you ever want one side of the sofa only for sitting, you can easily separate them.

The Getaway Sofa's frame is made from steel, ensuring its durability. Another great feature is its colours; with two different colours and two gradients, this sofa has the potential to enhance your living space.

The material of this sofa is recycled polyester fibres and polyester. It's soft to the touch but also quite tough; your kids jumping on this sofa won't smush it.

Putting Together the Koala Getaway Sofa Bed

You can choose to order the sofa fully assembled or in separate seats. Bring them close to each other, and simply push to attach both ends. You can choose a corner for a seven-seater and place both ends there. This looks easy because the sofa is not heavy, but you'll need at least one other person to help you put the seven-seater together. Still, putting it together isn't too hard.

However, if you don't want to make an effort, the company will send a professional to set up the sofa. Let them know where you want it, and they'll assemble and set it up. Moreover, they'll also guide you if you want to separate them and connect them again.

To assemble it from scratch on your own, you can find step-by-step instructions on the company's website.

How Comfortable Is the Getaway Sofa Bed?

One of the greatest features of the Getaway Sofa Bed is its fabric. Sure, leather doesn't stain, but it can't beat pure fabric in a battle of comfort. Now that you can have both comfort and stain resistance on one couch, what more can you ask for?

The Getaway Sofa's polyester fabric is soft without having too much give. Once you sit on it, you sink in just a little bit, and when you stand up, the foam automatically springs back to fill in the space. However, while kids can stand and jump on this sofa, adults should not do that. The sofa feet aren't too strong, and they'll break if heavier people bounce too often.

The cushions you get with this sofa are also comfortable, and if you decide to sleep on it, they offer excellent back support. This sofa is 209cm long from edge to edge, enough to handle a 6-foot person.

The drawers are solidly built and won't lose their smooth traction even if three heavy people are sitting on the sofa. You can clean them weekly with a soft cloth, but remember that the timber's colour will change naturally.

How Much Does the Koala Getaway Sofa Bed Cost?

The cost of this sofa varies depending on how many seats you want, the colours and whether you want a sofa, chaise or corner couch.

  • Sofa 2-Seater: $1799
  • Sofa 3-Seater: $1999
  • Chaise 3-Seater: $2999
  • Chaise 4-Seater: $3499
  • Corner 5-Seater: $4499
  • Corner 7-Seater: $5499

Ordering the sofa in the luxe colours Outback and Kakadu cost an additional $500.



Comfort is the first thing everyone wants in a couch, and Koala did a great job of making this sofa comfortable. Despite strong material beneath the fibre, it is an extremely comfortable place to sit and sleep. The sofa even comes with cushions to support your back and head. Plus, its fully-integrated drawers can help keep all the important stuff near you while you watch movies or sports on this sofa.


Furthermore, you don't need to worry about keeping a distance from someone, as you can easily separate the sofa. Take your side with you as you switch places or even rooms.


You can eat, sleep, and party in the sofa room as its fabric isn't quick to stain. However, for a longer lifespan, ensure to clean it at least once a week.

Payment and Guarantees

The Koala Getaway Sofa Bed is risk-free to buy because the company provides a 5-year guarantee and a 120-day trial. Additionally, many customers have praised Koala's customer service representatives for their quick and efficient responses so you can be sure of receiving an answer to any queries. Also, you can purchase this bed in four instalments.

Is the Koala Getaway Sofa Bed Right for You?

Should you spend money on a Koala Getaway Sofa Bed? If the Sofa is in your price range, the answer is a "yes." It's not only strong but also very pretty and helpful. Since there are six sizes and four colour combinations, there is a Koala Getaway Sofa for everyone.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about the Koala Getaway Sofa Bed is how comfortable it is. It's also great that it comes with a 120-day free trial, fast and free shipping, and easy returns. Because this sofa comes in sizes that can seat as few as two people and as many as seven, it fits in no matter your living situation. Give it a fair go, and you won't regret it.