Kmart Topper: Is It Worth Getting?


January 9, 2024

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Whenever Australians run out of utilities, Kmart is probably one of the first things they think of.

Whether it's mattresses, bed sheets, or pillowcases that you are looking for, Kmart is your one stop solution for all bedding components. The store also sells a range of mattress toppers to add more comfort to your bed and let you have a good night’s sleep. 

But the question is - are they worth buying? If you want to know if Kmart’s toppers are as good as the rest of their products, read our guide to find all the answers!

Kmart Topper: Is It Worth Getting?

Kmart Toppers have become popular lately but before you go shopping, let’s discuss their upsides and downsides so that you can make an informed decision.


Features that make Kmart Toppers an attractive choice are:

1. Value For Money

The best part about Kmart toppers is they offer excellent value for money, as you can find some really high-quality toppers at cheap prices on the Kmart website. The store is one of the most reputed franchises in Australia, so you can count on their products even if the deal sounds too good to be true. 

If you still have doubts, you can check out the reviews left by hundreds of customers, which focus on different parameters like quality, value for money, etc.

2. Quality Products

Another great thing is that Kmart never cuts corners on quality and most of the toppers they offer are made from high-quality materials that are built to last long. Soft and cosy, their toppers can add layers of comfort to your mattresses but, most importantly, they are low maintenance, and the majority of them can be machine-washed. 

3. Same-Day Shipping

We are all guilty of waiting desperately for the products we order online but with Kmart, you can say goodbye to endless waiting. The store offers same-day shipping if you place your order before noon.

Even if you get a little late and shop after midday, it’s possible to get the topper the next day, provided you place the order before 4 PM. 


While Kmart offers a host of benefits to its customers, it has some not-so-great qualities too. Some of them are:

1. Variety

When browsing the Kmart website, you might feel that the options are somewhat limited. Their walk-in stores are usually filled with a wide variety of products, but the same isn’t true for the website.

If you want ample options to choose from, we suggest buying from Amazon, as it hosts thousands of toppers from all the top brands.

2. Delivery Charges

Only a few orders qualify for free delivery at Kmart, so that might be a bummer for some people. For most of the orders, you will have to pay extra charges for shipping. 

How We Made Our Choices

The market is flooded with mattress toppers, and a simple Google search will give you an idea about the mammoth task of picking the best one. Choosing the top products took a lot of time, research and energy, and we searched for the best options online at multiple websites, including Kmart. Then, we visited the walk-in stores to verify the quality of the toppers and ensure they stood up to the mark.

We further compared the material, construction and pricing of the toppers and came up with the top 3 options. 

Australia’s Best Toppers

Some of the best toppers available in Australia are:

1. Best Adjustable Topper: Emma Flip

Every sleeper is different, and Emma Flip is designed keeping that in mind. It has reversible soft and firm sides, and you can flip it according to your needs. Perfect for all body types and sleeping positions, the topper has 3 layers - an UltraDry cover, a breathable Airgocell® foam layer, and a pressure-relieving HRX ZeroGravity Foam layer. 

The top layer is moisture-wicking and absorbs excess moisture and heat, ensuring a comfortable sleeping surface. Moreover, the Airgocell® technology provides superior temperature regulation and breathability, so if you spill something on the topper, simply remove the bamboo cover and spot-clean it using a mild detergent. 

This topper comes with a steep price tag and isn’t for those on a tight budget. In fact, its cost is significantly higher than products available at Kmart.


  • Reversible sides for preferred firmness
  • 3 comfortable and breathable layers
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions


  • Cannot be machine-washed

2. Best Bamboo Topper - Ecoy Bamboo

Is your mattress way too firm? Then the Ecoy Bamboo topper can soften it up without making it too hot. The topper comprises 5 cm thick memory foam encased in a removable bamboo fabric cover and provides a plush surface to sleep on. As you might already know, bamboo regulates temperature and keeps the bed cool so that you don’t sweat while sleeping. 

This Ecoy topper features a winning combination of handy straps, memory foam, a bamboo shell, and an anti-slip bottom. The handy straps can be tucked below the mattress to keep the topper in place. It also reduces partner disturbance and won’t let your bed get messy. In case you spill something on the topper, you can simply remove the outer bamboo case and spot-clean it with mild detergent.

But are you worried the topper won’t fit your mattress? Relax because Ecoy is an Australian brand, and its products cater to Australian sizes. This topper comes in 6 different sizes, so you will most likely find the perfect one.


  • Low-maintenance
  • Removable cover, easy to clean
  • Excellent temperature regulation


  • Steep price tag

3. Kmart Topper - Copper Infused Mattress Topper

The Copper Infused Mattress Topper leads the charts owing to its high-quality construction that delivers value for money. It adds a separate layer of cushioning to your bed with its soft cotton blend top layer, which is also copper-infused for antibacterial properties. 

Copper doesn’t let harmful bacteria, coliforms, fungus, etc., fester and fights the odour produced by them. Moreover, the topper’s bottom cover has traction and is snug on the mattress. No matter how much you move or jump on your bed, the topper will resist being crumpled. 

Its skirt and fill are made of top-quality polyester and give a luxurious feel to the bed. The best part is it is pretty low-maintenance and you don’t need to send it to a dry cleaner to get it cleaned. You can simply put it in the washing machine to save a lot of money, although it will take a little longer to dry. 


  • Cushioned top layer
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-slip bottom layer
  • Can be machine-washed


  • Limited size options

Why Pick A Mattress Topper On Amazon

Picking the perfect mattress topper for your bed can be tricky, as the market is filled with thousands of options. But Amazon streamlines its products beforehand and offers only high-quality ones. So, if you buy a topper from Amazon, you are more likely to pick a comfortable and durable one.

Simply keep these features in mind to make an informed choice :

1. Material 

Pay close attention to the materials of the topper, as they determine the overall comfort. It’s better to buy a topper made of high-quality memory foam instead of opting for cheaper ones with filling. If you are prone to allergies, we suggest choosing those with copper-infused top layers, as they eliminate harmful bacteria.

2. Temperature Regulation

The Mattress topper is the topmost layer of bedding and it will be in direct contact with your skin, so if it isn’t moisture-wicking, you will sweat profusely while sleeping. That’s why it’s important to pick one that regulates the temperature efficiently and toppers with bamboo or Tencel covers are generally the best on this front. 

3. Maintenance

Next, you wouldn’t want to buy a topper that is tedious and expensive to maintain. Those that can be machine-washed prove cost-effective in the long run, as you wouldn’t need to run to the dry cleaners every time you spill something on the topper. So, get one that has a removable covering that can be washed at home or spot cleaned.

4. Warranty

Another crucial thing to consider is the warranty and guarantee period. If your topper gets damaged during the warranty period, you can get it fixed for free. This can help you save a lot of money, so make sure to buy one with a long warranty period.


There are ample toppers on the market that offer a variety of features, but their prices also vary accordingly. But we wanted to find the best one available at an affordable price. 

Kmart toppers, in general, are pocket-friendly and offer superior comfort, so on those parameters, the Copper Infused Mattress Topper came out on top. This product won our hearts owing to its quality material, luxurious feel and perfect mattress fit. 

However, on balance it would be better to get toppers on Amazon, considering that the Ecoy Bamboo Topper and Emma Flip are fantastic options as well. With that, it’s a wrap on this guide, happy shopping!