Kmart mattress review


January 9, 2024

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There's a new trend out there that's getting on the scene, and that is 'mattress-in-a-box', which are mattresses that have been compressed to fit into boxes for easy transport. It's always a little overwhelming and expensive to purchase a new mattress, but Kmart wants to change that. 

If you live in Australia, you probably visit Kmart every few weeks to a month. The retailer continues to gain in popularity and offers a wide variety of products.

From decor pieces to the well-known Kmart Mattress, you can find everything you need to complete your bedroom. The mattresses range from $149 to $399; we’re sure the mattress will catch your eye. It’s an appealing option for those seeking a low-cost mattress. But will it give you a good nights sleep? We will look at all aspects of comfort, price, delivery, warranties to find out.

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Drawbacks of the Kmart Mattress

The biggest drawback is that Kmart wants to be like the other mattress in a box brands, it’s not! Buying a mattress might seem like a way to save a few dollars, but the warranty is only 5 years, and there are no sleep trials, in-fact there isn’t a way to return your mattress when you find out it's uncomfortable. Below is the return policy.

Return Policy: Please refer to our returns policy. A return can be processed via a Kmart store if the mattress is unopened. Once the mattress is opened, a change of mind cannot be accepted due to hygiene reasons.

Sizes: One of the biggest pains with the selection of mattresses is that some are only in certain sizes. So, if you do find a model you like, chances are it's only available as a single mattress.

Availability: If you do find the right mattress in a box Kmart offers in the correct size, it could also be out of stock. The hybrid queen mattress, for example, is generally not available. 

Also, there aren't any pure memory foam mattresses. This is because brands need high-quality foams to stop a memory foam-only mattress from sagging. Kmart has avoided this altogether by only selling hybrid and spring mattresses.

This is, in a way, a positive because they don’t sell memory foam mattresses, but it's also an indicator of quality and the fact you don't have that option, which is the type of mattress to help relieve back pain.

Reviews: There aren't too many reviews online. However, some models do have over 100 and with an average of 4.7. 

Different Kmart Mattresses

There is a decent selection of mattresses in Kmart. Let’s break them down. 

At the time of writing (end of the year 2022), there are 9 different options. There aren’t any foam mattresses, as stated above. However, you can choose from 2 pocket springs, 3 hybrids, and 4 Bonnell springs.

Pocket spring mattress: Two options for the same mattress are in a queen and a double. They have 1.9cm and 6.35 high-density foam layers sitting above icoil pocket springs.

Hybrid mattress: There are three options of the same mattress in different sizes; king, queen and double. Starting from the top, they have 2.54cm of memory foam, 2.54cm of high-density foam, 1.27cm of high-density foam, and then pocket springs. 

Bonnell spring mattress: Then you have the four models in this category. Each is designed differently, with some featuring viscolatex memory foam. These tend to be a cheaper model as the spring system is not as advanced as pocket springs. In general, Bonnell springs are bouncier, transfer motion in the mattress, and can squeak after some time. 

The hybrid models are better designed out of the three and will offer more comfort. They also look clean but are on the expensive end at $369 - $449. For that price, I recommend the Zinus mattress as a budget option. 

Plus, there are plenty of mixed signals and discrepancies between the models. This comes with a 10-year warranty but doesn't mention a return policy on the page. My guess is that it's the same as the other mattresses, meaning it’s non-existent.

Purchase and delivery

The price varies from $99 to $449. You can order them online, but it’s not available for click and collect, meaning you order and pay for the mattress online and then pick it up at your local Kmart. This product is also excluded from the free delivery* offer and will incur a delivery fee.

When delivered, it takes around five to ten minutes to take it out of the packaging. You should generally leave it to decompress for 24 hours before testing it. From the outside, the Kmart mattress in a box looks rather bare. But the more expensive models are clean and straightforward.

Final verdict

The Kmart mattress has questionable overall build quality, as you would expect. Additionally, the mattress isn't suitable for people who are heavier. Even with average-sized people, the springs struggle. All of this is understandable, considering the fact that it costs less than a fifth of an average mattress in a box.

Because of the unrefined spring system you get excessive partner disturbance. The Kmart mattress does not possess any eco-friendly or non-toxic certifications. 

The majority of other reputable mattress in a box products have been certified by groups such as Oeko Tex and/or CertiPUR-US. This makes sure there are no harmful chemicals left in your foams and materials of your mattress. Which is very important as you lay on it a third of the day.

As previously stated the mattress does not have a trial period like most of its competitors, but it does offer a 5-year warranty. This warranty length is pretty good in the context of the product's price and quality. However, most mattress brands offer a 10 year warranty.

The foam mattress Kmart is simply awful despite its low price, and we cannot endorse it.

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