King Living Mattress Review: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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Starting off with a King Living mattress review, have you ever thought about how crucial good sleep is for your health and wellness, and how much a quality mattress contributes to that? And let’s not forget the second truth: great furniture not only enhances the beauty of your home but also adds a touch of class.

But let's be real, stumbling upon high-quality mattresses and chic furniture isn't an everyday street find. With so many up-and-coming brands claiming to offer top-notch furniture, sifting through the options to find the best fit can be a bit of a maze.

Enter King Living Furniture, one of Australia's premium brands. They're known for a range of products including sofas, living and dining room pieces, bedroom, outdoor, and home office furniture. If you're in the market for modular mattresses and more, they've got you covered. But the big question is, is King Living furniture worth it?

In this guide, we'll delve into the nuts and bolts of what makes King Living Furniture stand out.

We'll weigh up the pros and cons, compare it with other brands, and give you the lowdown on King furniture reviews, helping you decide if it's the right choice for your home.

Are King Living mattresses any good?

Benefits of King Living mattresses

King Living Furniture offers you the best sleeping experience with its range of comfortable layered, modular mattresses. The best thing about getting yourself a mattress from here is that you can buy functional and elegantly designed beds that will perfectly complement your mattress. 

The KING mattress and bed series, driven by consumer-centric sensibilities, raises the bar in sleep furniture. Its Sleep+ range of products aims to deliver the health advantages of continuous, uninterrupted sleep for complete relaxation. The mattresses are certified by Sensitive Choice, which helps people with asthma and allergies. 

Also, King Living offers an excellent 15-year warranty. Additionally, King Living has a generous 15-year warranty and a trial period that lasts 100 nights. They offer both express and deluxe delivery services. Express delivery will cost you around $99, while deluxe delivery will cost you about $150 for metro areas. King makes custom-made mattresses, unlike other brands, which contributes to longer delivery times.

Drawbacks of King Living mattresses

After looking over the range of products this business provides, we discovered that, aside from King Living, no brand page mentions a pro-rata schedule. Potential customers may need clarification, and only King Living Furniture provides this. Before making a purchase, we suggest taking a quick look at their policies.

We also observed that the internet has a vast selection of top-notch mattresses and beds. However, King Living mattresses were the most expensive. Some people may find them a bit out of their price range.

Does King Living match Australian standards?

We particularly liked how well-organised the King Living website is. You can find a mattress, no matter the design of your bed frame. They have a good buying guide section. What's more? The company is brave enough to have articles comparing its brand against other competitive brands in the buying guide section of its website.

Along with that, King Living offers a range of home and office furniture. Unlike many other boxed-mattress brands, it also has 17 showrooms around the country. There, customers can look at their range of mattress collections and decide on what type of mattress they want. Based on the above evaluation, King Living Furniture matches Australian standards in every possible way.

King Living vs Emma Sleep

Given their offers and unique features, comparing the two brands is difficult. The fact that the brand offers free shipping for all Australian orders tips the scales in Emma's favour. On the contrary, King Living charges a flat rate for shipping on every delivery.

Although King Living has been in the mattress game longer than Emma, the latter's mattress quality is backed up by thousands of satisfied customer reviews.

King Living has an excellent selection of Sleep+ mattresses and a diligent delivery service. Also, it has showrooms, while Emma mattresses are available only (which is why you save money).

The Mattresses

The King Sleep+ collection offers four modular mattresses: Sleep+ Mattress 3000, Sleep+ Mattress 6000, Sleep+ Mattress 8000, and Sleep+ Mattress 9008. King Living has additional features compared to other mattresses. It has introduced features like KingCell® Pocket Coil Springs, gel memory foam, a reversible comfort layer, and a bottom ergonomic support layer. 

  1. King Living Sleep+ Mattress 3000

The Sleep+ 3000 Mattress has zonal KingCell® Pocket Coil Springs to relieve pressure and increase comfort. It also has an integrated Comfort Layer with different levels of comfort to give you the best sleeping experience possible.

The KingCell® Pocket Coil Springs are individually wrapped and zoned, with soft and firm zones that are designed to adjust to your body’s shape and weight for the best support.

The reversible Comfort Layer, made of gel memory foam, provides firm support on one side and medium support on the other. For a cosy sleeping experience, both sides encourage optimal air movement and evenly distribute your weight across the mattress. A standard Sleep+ mattress comes for about $3000.

  1. King Living Sleep+ Mattress 6000

The Comfort Layer on the Sleep+ Mattress 6000 is 75 millimetres thick, and the KingCell® Pocket Spring Core Base is standard. It features premium comfort layers, which maximise air flow and breathability. Sleep+ 6000 is a modular sleep solution that can be tailored to your tastes and sleeping style. It is more than just a mattress. Change Fit Covers. It has changeable comfort layers that let you easily design your mattress core's stiffness. You have total control over your mattress, and all of its parts can be taken apart for simple cleaning and upkeep. A standard Sleep+ mattress comes for about $5000.

  1. King Living Sleep+ Mattress 8000

A step up in luxury, the Sleep+ 8000 Mattress features integrated layer support for better pressure relief and relaxation. It supports, responds to, and intuitively adjusts to your body's natural posture. It has Pocket Springs that will adjust easily to sleeping preferences. King Living has researched the third and fourth stages of the sleep cycle and put forward a mattress design that will help your body feel relaxed and fall asleep much more easily. Along with that, it also has air fit, cool fit, and warm fit features that offer temperature regulation.  A standard Sleep+ mattress comes for about $7000.

Final Thoughts

A long-lasting comfortable mattress is a stable investment. As a final piece of advice, get yourself an excellent boxed mattress, as it is cheaper (cuts out the middleman) and offers the same comfort as any traditional mattress. Also, double-check the brand’s trial period and warranty. 

Emma Comfort is the mattress to pick if we’re strictly talking about high-quality products. However, checking out King Furniture reviews it could also be a great choice with years of experience. The brand offers innovative options with its Sleep+ range and availability of showrooms.