Indestruct Bed Review


January 9, 2024

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The Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed collection includes various models, such as the famous Boyd and the Baker. Additionally, the collection also consists of several design options.

This review will discuss various options, such as bedhead, traditional side panels, and adjustable height legs. However, we’ll also mention other models and product options.

Indestruct Bed Review



The strong poplar plywood structure makes up the Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed headboard.

Side Panels

Building each side panel requires a strong European Ash timber core and European Ash veneer. Furthermore, the legs have an adjustable height of up to 5 cm.


The bed has six legs built from solid steel and European Oak timber.


Purchase and Delivery

You can order the Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed online through the official website. After processing your order, the company will deliver your Indestruct bed in four separate boxes.

The delivery service has terms and conditions that differ with every model. Furthermore, this system also requires you to choose a day and time range suitable for you.


Sleeping Duck delivers the bed in separate parts that you have to assemble. However, it’s important to note that the bed base is heavy and needs at least two people to set it up.

The initial unpacking and assembling of the first few parts is probably the most challenging stage of the assembling process. However, the assembling process becomes relatively straightforward once you pass that stage.

The Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed has an impressive design that makes assembling relatively faster. As a result, you won’t need any additional tools other than the two Allen keys that come with the Indestruct bed. Furthermore, Sleeping Duck provides detailed and clear assembling instructions.


The Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed has a high-quality and robust base. As a result, it can also carry very heavy weights without breaking. Furthermore, the bed has an even surface that can accommodate any mattress. The bed’s base has four-panel slates with holes of different sizes that improve ventilation.

Various Sizes

The bed is available in king and queen sizes. As a result, it is suitable for most adults.


Provides Support

Most bed frames have fancy timbers with only one central beam in the centre of the bed. As a result, buying these bed frames will cause the mattress to sag and your body to ache and may also affect your spine’s health.

On the other hand, the Indestruct bed has two powerful beams essential in offering constant surface support. As a result, the springs function from a solid foundation to avoid back damaging mattress sag.

The Sleeping Duck Indestruct Bed also has dual C-Spine Support Beams built from steel and supported by bolt leg. Notably, the dual C-spine support beams are responsible for the Indestruct bed’s strength and ability to resist sagging. A plated metal, oak, or walnut casing finishes the steel legs.

The system includes uniform distribution air support panels attached to the frame with various screws. Consequently, the bed has a constant distribution of load covering the bed’s surface.

Provides Comfortable Sleep

Apart from the stylish finish, the bed has an Indestruct steel core support system made from 50 kg of solid steel. Furthermore, it consists of high-quality joinery for ideal support and durability. As a result, the Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed can support heavy people and resist sagging.

No Squeaky Noise

The Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed’s legs are solid steel. As a result, this Indestruct bed’s legs are more robust than most beds. The thick M39 bolts structurally join the legs into the steel frame. 

The legs offer full support and will not bend or break when someone applies force on the bed. Furthermore, the SD bed has a solid lock assembly that ensures it doesn’t shake or squeak.

Easy Assemble

The Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed may be the most robust bed available, but its assembling process isn’t complicated. You can quickly set it up, provided someone can assist you.

Built With Strong Material

The Indestruct Bed has high-quality parts. Furthermore, many of the bed frame’s features are custom designed, and every element provides ideal performance. Notably, the Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed’s design allows it to last longer.    


The SD Indestruct bed includes a lifetime warranty on the Indestruct steel core support system parts. However, the Indestruct bed has a 10-year warranty on all exterior components, such as the headboard and side panels. As a result, you have enough time to find any faults due to production errors. As a result, you can send the Indestruct bed back to Sleeping Duck for repairs if you discover flaws.

Best Bed Frames You Should Consider

Good bed frames are an investment in your quality of sleep and health. For example, the Baker Bed is an excellent frame made from sturdy timber. This makes it far less likely to shake around and creak under added pressure. It ranges from $1399 to $2149.

If you're looking for something a little different, you could also go for the Palais frame. It doesn't quite have the same wooden appeal as Baker, but it still projects sophistication and elegance. However, it's noticeably more expensive, with the lowest price being around $3000.

Apart from these two, Sleeping Duck has a few more options that are around the same price range. It might not be much of a problem, especially if you're inclined towards luxury and premium products. But it's still not difficult to admit that they're a bit on the expensive side.

If you hold that view and you need an alternative, two perfect options are the Zinus Ironline Double Bed Frame Base and Zinus Industrial Pine Wood Queen Bed Frame. Both of these options offer a quality similar to Sleeping Duck’s at about 80% off the price.

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The Sleeping Duck Indestruct bed is firm and can last a long time. It is also highly customisable, making it possible to make your ideal frame. Even though the Indestruct bed’s legs are solid, they can be adjusted to ensure excellent levelling. Also, the frame design is strong enough to prevent shaking and squeaking.

However, if the price is a little on the high side for you, it might be a good idea to consider a few other options highlighted above.