Are Ikea Mattresses Good?


January 9, 2024

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Ever wondered how good are IKEA mattresses? IKEA is a household name, loved for its array of dreamy home setups, but when it comes to their 'mattress in a box' options, how do they stack up against the rest? Are they a smart buy, especially for those like college students looking for a budget-friendly sleep solution?

In our guide, we're diving deep into IKEA mattress reviews. We'll be exploring the whole lineup, from the best IKEA mattress picks to the more affordable choices. This way, you'll have all the info you need before you hit the web or head to the store. Let's get into it!

Benefits of Ikea mattresses

In general, IKEA's approach is different from many of the online mattress companies. The number of Ikea stores in Australia is 10, making it the 7th largest country for the number of stores. The company has a line of 13 different mattresses, 9 spring mattresses and 4 foam mattresses, available at its stores throughout Australia. 

Ikea focuses less on online sales and more on in-store experiences. It is possible to buy mattresses online, but there are a wide variety of mattresses to choose from, making the online experience challenging, and you won't get meatballs. 

Because of its high purchasing power and massive scale, IKEA boasts a very competitive price point. The company offers entry-level and mid-range models.

If you like, you can furnish your entire home at IKEA in one visit! In contrast to other large retailers, Ikea gives you a good idea of what is inside the mattress.

Drawbacks of Ikea mattresses

There are some models that are more expensive than luxury mattress brands. Construction is basic - see the bulging discussed later. Mattresses are not durable, meaning their shelf life is short.

There is no 100-day sleep trial or money back guarantee, unlike online companies. You might have one year to return it if you look through the return policy. We do not know if this applies to the mattress range, so you will have to check before returning it to the store. 

You don’t get a free return pick up. Returns to metro areas of the country can be picked up for a fee of $49-$119 and regionally for $200.

Foams are not certified by third parties to ensure they do not contain harmful chemicals and substances. 

Ikea vs Emma mattress - which should you get?

We compare Ikea Hidrasund, Morgedal, Hokkåsen and Hövåg mattresses with Emma. We consider the price, warranty, delivery costs, and exchange options.

Both Ikea and Emma sell mattresses that are at the more affordable end of the price range, ranging from a few hundred dollars to just over $1000. However, Ikea has a bigger range and a variety of lower price points. 

Ikea and Emma offer different levels of delivery, returns, trial periods, and warranties. Let's  break them down;

Testing, delivery, and returns

You can try out the mattress in an Ikea store and you can't try out the Emma mattress in a store but you have a 100 night trial, in the store you awkwardly lay on the mattress for 5 mins. You decide which is better for you but we touch on this subject in more detail further down in the article.

With the Ikea range, you need to pick up your mattress yourself or pay for delivery (fees depend on location). With Emma delivery is free Australia-wide.

Ikea has no exchange fee, although you'll need to pay a pickup fee as (mentioned above) to have the mattress returned. And if Emma is not for you, they pick it up and give you a full refund.

Ikea comes with an impressive 25-year warranty which is higher than any mattress in a box brand and I would say most if not every other mattress companies in Australia. Emma offers a 10-year warranty.

You can check out our updated 2023 Emma comfort mattress review here.

If you're looking for an affordable memory foam mattress you can find it here.

Do Ikea mattresses match standard Australian sizes?

Ikea is one of the few companies that sell mattresses worldwide. The queen mattress does not exist in Europe or the United Kingdom, and there are no global size standards. It is a common question whether Ikea's queen mattresses sold in Australia are the right size, and the answer is yes, well almost as you can see below.

A queen-size mattress measures 203 cm long and 153 cm wide, with varying thicknesses. Ikea mattresses measuring 'queen' size measure 203 cm long by 152 cm wide. The one centimetre difference is unlikely to affect placement on mattresses bases, the fit of sheets, electric blankets, mattress protectors, and so forth. The sheets may feel loose if you prefer a snug fit.

If you're looking for a new mattress in 2023, that has a 100-night trial and a 10 year warranty. Check out the Emma Comfort mattress, and get an extra 5% off with SLEEPYS5.

Ikea mattress review - models and types

Mattresses from IKEA fall into two categories: memory foam / latex and spring mattresses. Below we'll go over each of these mattresses to help you understand the differences between them and which mattress will work best for you.

Let's get started with their memory foam / latex mattresses:


The Morgedal is a medium-firm latex mattress, which is designed with latex to fully relax by following your body shape to relieve pressure and provide precise support. The comfort zones provide very precise support and relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips. Support and comfort are provided by a generous layer of soft fillings.

Thickness: 18 cm

The pros: Latex is durable and the holes and channels allow for better airflow, so the mattress stays cooler in hot weather.

The cons: It’s synthetic latex, not natural.

Price Range: $449-$649 (Single - Queen) 


IKEA's Malfors is another thin foam mattress. This resilient foam mattress provides all-over support and comfort. Easily cleaned since the fabric can be removed and washed by machine. It has the highest reviews in the foam/latex category -- with many describing it as good quality and firm.

Thickness: 12 cm

The pros: Most popular IKEA foam mattress and very inexpensive.

The cons: It's not very thick, which is fine for children as a mattress, but too thin for adults

Price Range: $129-$299 (Single - Queen) 


Moshult mattresses are made entirely of foam. This resilient foam firm mattress provides all-over support and comfort. You can remove the cover and wash it by machine, so it's easy to keep clean.

Thickness: 10 cm

The pros: Affordable.

The cons: It’s a skinny hard mattress.

Price Range: $99-$199 (Single - Queen) 


Myrbacka is a foam mattress that consists of two polyurethane foam or synthetic latex layers with medium-firm memory foam on top of softer synthetic latex blend on the bottom layer. Just under 10" thick, it is rated firm. It also has zoned support for less firmness in the shoulders and hips, which improves spinal alignment. It is one of IKEA's lower rated mattresses even though there are some nice features. Some people find that initially it is uncomfortable, as its firmness rapidly deteriorates.

Thickness: 24 cm

The pros: Firm mattress lovers may like this mattress at first.

The cons: Some consumers had problems with durability and firmness.

Price Range: $479-$649 (Single - Queen) 

Ikea's spring mattress reviews

Valevåg mattress review

The Valevåg is a pocket sprung mattress that promises firm support with individually wrapped springs. Each spring operates independently, aiming to provide tailored support to different areas of the body and reduce motion transfer - a feature couples might appreciate. With a thickness of about 24 cm, it offers a substantial feel. The mattress is designed with a focus on spinal alignment, potentially making it a good pick for those who need firmer back support.

Pros: The individual pocket springs are great for reducing motion transfer. Its firmness can be ideal for back and stomach sleepers who need extra support.

Cons: Some users might find it too firm, particularly side sleepers or those who prefer a plush sleeping surface.

Price Range: Generally, IKEA's mattresses are priced competitively, with the Valevåg likely falling into a mid-range bracket.


The Hasvåg mattress is a spring mattress that comes with bonnell springs (which are interconnected as traditional innersprings). In addition to being 24cm thick, it features a polyurethane foam  comfort layer. The product has mixed reviews from customers, with some stating that it breaks down too quickly and that it is too bouncy.

The pros: Inexpensive spring mattress with foam comfort layers.

The cons: Despite saying it's firm, people describe it as very firm and uncomfortable for pressure  points.

Price Range: $249-$399 (Single - Queen)


Their Hafslo mattress has a pocketed coil spring design and is one of their most popular models. All-over support is provided by the Bonnell springs, so you'll have a restful night's sleep. It is designed to be used only on one side. Having a total thickness of just under 18 cm, it is a  medium-firm mattress. 

The pros: Affordable spring mattress.

The cons: Not a lot of padding

Price Range: $129-$199 (Single - Queen)


The Hamarvik is a medium-firm mattress that features pocketed coils. The bonnell spring system provides all-over support to ensure a restful night's sleep. Support and comfort are provided by a generous layer of soft fillings. The stretch fabric on the topside of the mattress moves with you for maximum comfort.

The pros: The mattress comes with more layers of cushioning.

The cons: Strong off gassing issues and some disagreements on the firmness of the mattress.

Price Range: $179-$279 (Single - Queen)


In addition to polyurethane foam and innersprings, the Husvika is only available as a single mattress. Despite only having a thin layer of polyurethane, it has a firm and bouncy structure that most people dislike. People describe it as uncomfortable because of its 12cm thickness.

The pros: Very affordable.

The cons: Only available as a single.

Price Range: $99 

Final verdict

IKEA offers mostly firm mattresses, with a few medium and medium-firm mattresses thrown in as well. The most common complaint from customers is that their mattresses are too firm, with reviewers more likely to mention firmness issues than the average comparable mattress as well as back discomfort.

While Ikea mattresses in a box or rolled up in plastic are great, and there are some very affordable models. Yet, for the more expensive models you can usually get a better-quality luxury model for a similar price, especially if it's on sale. 

Ikea mattress toppers

Ikea has a wide selection of mattress toppers to choose from. Well, they have everything so you shouldn't be  surprised. Here are the top two best toppers, starting from the most reviewed.


Cost: $199

Ticking/ Ticking/ Piping: 64% polyester, 36% cotton

Comfort material: Polyester hollow fibre wadding

Lining: Non-woven polypropylene

Zipper: Polyamide plastic

Core: Polyurethane memory foam 50 kg/cu.m.


  • Length: 189 cm
  • Width: 135 cm
  • Thickness: 8 cm

Mattress pad cover Machine wash, max 60°C, normal process. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


Cost: $299

Outer fabric: 99% polyester, 1% elastane

Cover: 51.5% polyethylene, 48.5% polyester

Filling: Polyurethane memory foam 48 kg/cu.m., Polyurethane plastic


  • Length: 202 cm
  • Width: 152 cm
  • Thickness: 5.0 cm

Do not wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Ikea also has toppers but if your looking what makes a great topper look at the Emma topper which is brand new to Australia.