How To Wash A Weighted Blanket?


January 6, 2023

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A weighted blanket is a product made mainly to tackle sleeping disorders, anxiety, and stress problems. Hence, ever since it arrived on the market, it has become quite popular. On the weekend, there's nothing more relaxing than cuddling up in one and watching Netflix.

If you check out our weighted blanket reviews and bought one recently, you have an idea of how it works. Since it offers you comfort and sound sleep, you may want to use it every day of your life. As with any other item, though, a weighted blanket can also get dirty and stinky with everyday use. It is not difficult to wash, but you should clean it properly as instructed. Else, there is a possibility of damage, and the product can become utterly useless. Keep reading to know how you can wash weighted blankets safely at home.

Begin By Going Through The Guide On The Label Thoroughly

A weighted blanket comes in different shapes, sizes, weights, and materials. Hence, before you soak your blanket in the water, read the guide on the product tag. The manufacturer provides “dos” and “don’ts” on the label, so you have to follow each one carefully. Else, you will not only spoil the blanket but even your washing machine could get damaged. You have to follow specific steps to wash a weighted blanket made of a particular material and filler. Hence, don’t start before collecting all the instructions.

The materials used for making the weighted blankets include fleece, cotton, polyester, silk, wool, rayon, Minky, and flannel. The fillers include poly-pellets, smooth stone pebbles, micro glass beads, organic materials (rice, corn, beans), and steel beads. So, you should wash your weighted blanket according to the tips provided for a particular type of blanket.

Tips To Wash A Weighted Blanket

After you read the information on the tag, you will have an idea to select the proper method of cleaning your weighted blanket.

If your weighted blanket comes with a removable cover, you can remove the cover and wash it as regular clothes. If it (cover) has any stain, wash that area first with a bleach-free detergent before washing the whole thing. With a cover protecting your weighted blanket, you don’t have to wash it often. It will extend its longevity significantly too.

Washing The Blanket In A Machine:

For machine wash at home, the maximum recommended weight is 7 kilos or about 16 pounds. If your weighted blanket is heavier, then you should take it to the laundromat, or you can wash it with your hands. Else, you could damage both the machine and the fabric.

If your blanket is suitable for washing in the machine, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Use cold water unless otherwise recommended or at the lowest temperature of your washing machine.
  • Use a mild detergent that doesn’t have bleach and harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid a fabric softener.
  • Set the device at light washing or delicate washing.
  • Only opt for a low spin if you do.

Washing With Hand:

If your blanket happens to be more than 7 kilos and you can’t go to a professional, it would be ideal for washing with hands. It would be exhausting to wash such a heavy load with hands. But it’s the only way to clean it at home. Follow a few steps, and your blanket will be fresh and clean when the task is complete.

  • Fill up half a big basin (it should be big enough to hold the blanket) or the bathtub with water.
  • Pour and mix a mild detergent thoroughly.
  • Next, soak the weighted blanket for about 45 minutes to one hour at the most.
  • After the recommended time, get rid of the water totally from the basin or bathtub.
  • Rinse the blanket several times till you can see clear water flowing out from it.

Dry Cleaning:

Some fabrics and filler materials are not suitable for washing with water. So, you can take these for dry cleaning to a professional. However, see if the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning or not. If there is no problem, you can opt for this method. If not, you need a full-time cover for daily use. That way, you can clean the cover regularly without any worries. Regarding the blanket, you can put it out in the sun for a few minutes from time to time to maintain the freshness.

Drying A Weighted Blanket

You might consider the easy way out and hang your blanket on the line to dry it out. However, you have to be careful and see that it is balanced perfectly to distribute the weight evenly. The best thing would be to put it on a drying rack or a similar structure. If you have a large, clean, and flat space outside, you can also lay it flat on the ground. You must, however, turn it over to the other side every thirty minutes so that both sides dry around the same time.

If machine-washed, you can use the low spin option to remove the maximum amount of water. It will make drying easier. But make sure that

Avoid Washing These Weighted Blankets With Water

If your weighted blanket has fillers made of organic materials and sand, it is best not to wash it. Instead, use a compatible cover that you can clean regularly. If the fillers are steel beads or smooth pebbles, avoid machine wash. You should also avoid washing weighted blankets made of rayon, silk, and wool. For these materials, you can opt dry cleaning or whichever methods the manufacturer recommends.

To Iron Or Not?

You might be tempted to iron your weighted blanket. But resist the temptation because even though the outer fabric will look wrinkle-free, the fillers might get damaged. Just fold it nicely after putting the cover on.

Should You Wash Your Weighted Blanket Frequently?

If you use the weighted blanket without cover every night, you should clean it once a month as per instructions. If you have a cover for it, wash it 3-4 times per year. You can remove the cover whenever it feels like it needs a wash and cleans it accordingly. As mentioned earlier, though, wash only if recommended and always as per the instructions.

Choosing A Suitable Weighted Blanket

You'll find in our Calming Blankets review that they are easy to use, comfortable,  holistic and natural. They come in three sizes; kids, adults, and queen-sized. This is something you want to look for in a brand that makes weighted blankets. Also look if they are handwoven, made with cotton and polyester.

Other choices are bamboo weighted blankets, granite weighted blankets, and Minky weighted blankets. You can wash the blankets by following the given instructions correctly for durability and ease of use.


Weighted blankets are now a popular choice for many people who have sleeping and stress issues. With a variety of products being available, you have many options. No matter whichever design, type of brand you choose, you should follow all the instructions to the dot. It will increase the lifespan of your blanket, and you and your family can sleep soundly every night. Not only care instructions but also follow the safety rules to avoid any mishaps.