How to Store a Mattress: A Simple Guide 


January 9, 2024

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Are you having trouble storing your mattress? Here are some tips for storing your mattress and correctly protecting it.

Start by cleaning and airing the mattress, then cover it with a mattress cover to avoid dust, stains, or damage. You should store your mattress in climate-controlled storage by laying it flat in its natural position to prevent internal damage. In storage, you can protect a mattress by covering it with a mattress bag and stacking it over another mattress.

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A guide on how to store a mattress 

Getting a mattress is a long-term investment. Therefore, when it comes to storing beds, make sure you take accurate and proper steps to keep your purchase in good shape. Below is the guideline on how to store a mattress;

1. Clean and air your mattress 

Clean your mattress thoroughly before storing it to avoid fungi and mould. Start by vacuuming the mattress on all sides, then use a mild upholstery cleaner or baking soda to eliminate odours and absorb moisture. After using baking soda on your mattress, let it sit for a day for proper absorption, and vacuum it again the next day. Once you are done cleaning your bed, let it air for a few hours to dry out any remaining wet residue.

2. Cover your mattress

If you store your mattress in a closed environment, such as a storage unit, you should protect it by covering it with a mattress storage bag. Under $20, you can buy a high-quality mattress bag as they are specifically designed to store mattresses, prevent mould, and keep your bed dry. Hardware stores and online retailers sell these bags in various sizes. 

3. Covered transportation 

Is it necessary to transport your mattress to another location? It's time to stop tying cords to your mattress and transporting it. What is the reason? If you bend and fit your mattress on your vehicle, you will only damage the internal springs and expose them to dirt and dust. Unpleasant weather will exacerbate the damage. Put your mattress on its side (covered with old sheets or blankets) for extra storage space in a covered moving truck. When the duration is short, it's safe to place your mattress on the side.

4. Use the proper storage 

You should always store your mattress in a temperature-controlled unit to prevent mildew and mould growth caused by weather humidity. In the absence of such storage, set up a dehumidifier to eliminate moisture and the growth of bacteria.

5. Place the mattress flat

Avoid putting your mattress on the side of your storage unit to save space. You should place your mattress in its flat position. If you set it upright, the inner materials of the mattress will move, resulting in sagging and damage to the fabric and foam. Place a sheet on the floor before putting the bed.

Steps to avoid while storing a mattress 

You need to avoid or stop doing these things while storing a mattress.

  • Avoid wrapping your mattress in just plastic as the mattress requires breathing even in storage space, and plastic would trap the moisture leading to bacterial growth.
  • Never place items over the mattress in the storage unit, as the item's weight can cause indefinite damage to the coils and springs of the bed.
  • Keep your mattress away from storage areas like basements, garages, attic, or sheds as their temperature fluctuates, posing a significant threat to the mattress's durability.

Ways to protect your mattress in storage 

Frequently people ask, how to protect a mattress in storage? Well, start by;

  • Investing in a good mattress bag to keep your mattress clean.
  • Get a climate-controlled unit that maintains the indoor storage temperature from 55-85°F throughout the year.
  • Make sure the storage area has access to space, low humidity, and an ac/heater.
  • Keep the room free from dust, dirt, bugs and isolate from immediate sunlight.

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Places to store extra mattresses

If you own an extra mattress or mattresses, you probably must be wondering where to store them? We have a few options for you.

1. Modular furniture

Take advantage of your modular furniture, which has been designed to fulfil the purpose of seating but storing. Flexible furniture such as chair beds require less space in your home but at the same time serve as an excellent option for keeping your mattress.

2. Sofa beds

Apart from lazing, lounging, or taking quick naps, sofa beds provide a great storage solution, especially for mattresses. It is advisable to store only thin mattresses for easy fold as it will prevent significant damage.

3. Under your bed 

Your bed is one of the safest and easiest ways to store an extra mattress. If you have a standard or even larger-sized bed, you need not worry about that extra mattress not fitting in. It will also make it easier for you to pull out the mattress when use arises.


Australia's weather is warm to hot during summers, with humidity of 65% and mild during winter. Hence, while storing your mattress, keep these factors in mind. Also, this video will throw a better light on steps to follow while storing a mattress. We hope you found this article helpful, and make sure to follow these steps to keep your bed long-lasting.