How To Fix Air Mattress Hole


June 16, 2021

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Are you wondering how to patch a hole in your air mattress? In this article, you'll learn how to fix holes in an air mattress and how to prevent your mattress from deflating.

Air mattresses have become very common these days and are in great use for various purposes. One uses an air mattress as a sleeping pad for camping, outings, or comfort in their homes. In this article, you will learn about:

  • How to patch mattress
  • How to patch mattress without a patch kit
  •  How to fix air mattress with duct tape
  •  How to prevent the mattress from deflating.

If you want to fix a hole in an air mattress, you must first locate the leak. Listen for the leak by applying pressure to the mattress. Mark the hole with a marker after you have dictated it. Then apply your patch kit to the area.

How to patch air mattress:

A puncture may not always be the cause of an air mattress deflation. There may be another cause, as the change in temperature, which can cause loss of pressure. However, the most common reason for mattress deflation is leaking. In this case, you must act fast because the hole will grow more significant the more you continue to use the mattress without fixing it.


How to fix an inflatable mattress? Let us tell you how. First, you can use your hand or arm to move it on top of the mattress. By doing this, you’ll be able to feel a burst of air on your hand or arm when it moves around the leaking area. Hence, you’re able to identify the hole and fix it. This method is the same for how to fix a punctured air mattress.

When you’re done spotting the hole, make sure you clean the area around the gap nicely and dry it thoroughly. Doing this will give you an even smooth surface, making it easier for you to fix the hole.

Next, use a patch kit to seal the hole or super glue, Krazy glue, rubber cement, gorilla glue, or anything that works well for you. Patch it by rubbing the sticky piece in a circular motion to ensure a tight bubble-less seal. After that, put several weights over the air mattress where the seal is patched and leave it to dry for about 7 hours. Once you’re sure the seal is dried, test the mattress to ensure that you have successfully sealed the hole, and you can now rest easy.

How to patch an air mattress without a patch kit?

Some air mattresses come with a patch kit; however, if you’re one that did not get a hold of the patch kit or have misplaced it somewhere, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

First, locate the place from where the leak occurs, like mentioned in the above steps. Then, after discovering the hole, use a clean cloth to wipe dirt off the mattress by cleaning around the hole. After which:

  • Apply some vinyl adhesives in the leaking areas to prevent the air from coming out.
  • Be sure that all the holes are covered and allow them to dry after that.
  • Apply a second coating to make it firmer and let it dry thoroughly to make sure that the vinyl adhesive does not come off.

Here is a tutorial for your reference.

How to patch an air mattress on the felt side?

Patching an air mattress on the felt side is the same as repairing it without a patch kit. Both ways, the purpose is to give firmness to your air mattress and help you have a good night’s rest. 

How to patch an air mattress with duct tape?

Leaks are prevalent when it comes to air mattresses. It is unavoidable but can be an annoyance most of the time. In some cases, you might need to patch an air mattress with duct tape in case of an emergency. Here is how you can do it. 

Step 1: Find the hole (as mentioned above) and apply super glue or any type of glue over the hole and leave it to dry thoroughly. 

Step 2: Cut a long piece of duct tape to cover the entire puncture easily and press it on the leak area of the mattress firmly. 

Step 3: In cases of any air bubbles, work it out with your hands to flatten it.

Step 4: Apply more layers of tape to ensure a firm stick.

Step 5: Check the repaired areas to ensure that there are no leaks. 

Do keep in mind that the tape will eventually lose its stickiness; thus, you might need to re-apply a new piece of tape at times.

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How to stop an air mattress from deflating?

Here are some methods you can apply to prevent your mattress from deflating.

  • Don’t over inflate your mattress, as it means incredible pressure, and this will, in turn, result in holes, causing your mattress to leak and can damage it easily.
  • Your position also matters while trying to keep your air mattress from deflating. Unlike lying sideways, which puts a lot of pressure in a fixed area, trying to lay flat on the mattress will evenly distribute weight on the air bed and hence, ensure your mattresses’ longevity.
  • Always remember to deflate your air mattress while not in use. In addition to that, do not use your air bed as soon as you inflate it. Instead, try to use it only after about 48 hours of inflation. This method is strictly advisable for those who have an air mattress that is low-quality. 

The best glue to repair air mattresses:

You can use any type of glue to fix a hole in an air mattress. However, the best types of adhesive which you can apply to your air mattress are Super Glue, Krazy Glue, Rubber Cement, and Gorilla Glue

You can also make your patch kit using a bike tire or a pool or shower liner, and any thin plastic material. On that account, be sure to make your patch big enough so that it can thoroughly cover the leaky areas.