How to Create a Japandi Style Bedroom


January 9, 2024

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Since the lockdown, people have been looking for ways to ensure that their rooms give them the peace and calm they are meant for. Owing to the various social media platforms, people have been learning and trying various styles to create the kind of bedrooms they are happy to return to. 

Moreover, new trends are emerging now that people have realised the importance of having a restful place within their homes, like the Japandi style. This trend combines the warmth of Scandinavian tones and the simplicity of Japanese minimalism. 

This hybrid style picks the best elements from both and creates a rustic, aesthetic, and calming room to relax in, with its own stylish and elegant look. In this article, you will learn how to create the look on your own.

What Is the Japandi Style?

It is typically rooted in natural materials, a clean and sleek look, and minimal craftsmanship. The focus here is on creating a calm, harmonious and relaxed environment that is both aesthetic and comfortable. 

The Scandinavian aesthetic leans more towards earthy and wood tones with neutral colours. 

The Japanese blend in the Japandi style follows the theory of ‘Wabi Sabi.' This theory states that nothing should be too polished. This thought eliminates the shiny polished surfaces, which are considered extremely stylish and fashionable. This brings in the earthy tones and the minimal furniture, with next to no bling.

Therefore, the bedroom is the best room to decorate in the Japandi style. 

How to Create a Japandi-Style Bedroom?

These are a few key features of the aesthetic and calming trend. All the recommendations and insights from various social media platforms have been taken into account to help you create the best Japandi bedroom. This is to ensure that the room looks and feels nice, inviting and relaxing.

Light-filled Spacious Rooms

The key is to create a room where everything is calm and soothing. There should be no loud colours or weird textures. The one thing that would alleviate the room is adding earth tones to it. This will create a tranquil atmosphere where nature will be the sole source of inspiration. Use furniture made with warm wood, colours closest to natural, earthy tones, and minimal pigments. The colours should be harmonious so they do not clash but merge beautifully. 

Having a huge window will always be a plus point. If you have one, just hang sheer earth-toned curtains on top to keep the aesthetic going.

Sleek Minimalist Surfaces

Sleek surfaces, which do not have stuff covering them at all times, are bound to look beautiful and pleasing. There should not be a lot placed on all the surfaces so that it starts looking cluttered. Ensure that whatever you have on the surfaces is minimalist and goes with the aesthetics.

This highlights the importance of having enough storage space and a strong sense of discipline when decluttering. All your possessions should stay completely out of sight, including your personal possessions like your makeup or a big collection of perfumes. 

Less is more when it comes to the Japandi bedrooms. Follow this rule. If you plan on keeping five decorative items on display, just display two. Only use decorative elements which do not destroy the harmonious feel of the bedroom. Having said all this, ensure you have access to all the possessions you have decided to store away. An aesthetic space would not be too exciting if you have issues getting to your possessions in the morning.

Use Minimal Patterned Styles

Simplicity and minimalism must be the thing to go for when you set your Japandi rooms. However, it does not mean that you should take away all patterns from the room. Have such patterns that do not disturb the symphony of the bedroom but add enough so that the room does not start looking too bland.

Get a stylised pattern that goes with the aesthetic of the room. You can have a single element patterned with something earth related, preferably in earth tones. It could be on the curtains, the bedsheets, or the wall art. 

Aesthetic Treatment of Windows and Curtains

If you have windows in your room, you need to realise that regardless of what you do, you should not overdo your window treatment. It will break the entire harmony of the décor. Avoid heavy or loud curtains. This will take away the feel of the Japandi décor. Go for lightweight fabrics or panels which give a clean look. Having such curtains will let the maximum amount of light into the room. Another option for you is to completely let go of the idea of the window curtains and go for frosted films, which would contribute to the Japandi style.

Have Woodwork in the Room

To further alleviate the natural feel of the room, you may add some woodwork to the room. By doing this, you will contribute to the earthy simplicity, which has a design element bound to look amazing.

You can use timber in the décor. This does not mean you get a mural or a huge decorative piece made from wood. Just have plain and simple wood panels on the wall beside the bed. Do this since wood is the heart of décor when you want it to look natural and bring homeliness into your bedroom. 

Play with Colours

The Japandi colour palette mixes earthy tones, bright and light colours, and darker and richer shades of the same colours. This is due to the blend of Scandinavian and Japanese cultures. These colours may be difficult to work with. However, you can ensure your room looks pleasing by being careful when playing with colours. 

While incorporating these two extremely different colour palettes, you need to maintain harmony. The shades should not be too loud. Just keep the earth tones in your mind and go a few shades darker. 

When you use all shades closest to the earth tones, you can add a little sage green or some burnt red without overdoing it. You may also add a little dull grey or a warmer beige shade to your décor. Again, do not clutter your room; remember, less is more. Adding many colours will take away the soft, minimal calming look you want for your room.

You need to know which shades to avoid. A simple answer to this is all the bright rainbow colours. Bright, since the bright shades would break the harmony of the tones in your room. If you want a little red or yellow in your room, you need to pick the warmer or cooler shades. This way, you will be able to keep the harmonious calm feel of the room going on.

Do Not Go for Heighted Furniture

High or long furniture takes away the minimal feel from the bedroom and adds a cluttered feel to it. To ensure that this does not happen to your aesthetic bedroom, get furniture that does not have a lot of height. Low heighted furniture looks minimalist and allows more light into the space. 

Get low beds since it is the Japanese and Scandinavian culture to sleep on low futons and beds, respectively. Moreover, the low beds will incorporate the two cultures into your bedroom, making it feel less cluttered. It will look lit up, spacious and airy.

Add a Few Natural Elements to the Room

You can have a few indoor plants in the room as long as they are placed strategically. The indoor plants will contribute to the earthy feel of the room. There are a few indoor plants that have a lot of earth benefits. Some plants eliminate bad energy, while others purify the air. You can use simple and plain vases and have plants in your room without disturbing the harmony of the aesthetic earth tones you have going on around you.

Get More Ideas Online

If you feel stuck over what else to add to the space, get online. Since social media has popularised this trend, it is safe to assume that most influencers know how best to create it. Moreover, other elements could work well in that space and getting ideas will also get your creative juices flowing. You don’t have to design the room exactly as you saw it, either. Just learn what constitutes the Japandi style and give it a personal spin.


This trend set by social media interior designers will create a safe and calming space for you in the comfort of your home. You will never have to leave your home to feel in touch with nature. Therefore, you will have a wonderfully inviting and relaxing space. As a result, you will start and end the day in tranquillity and start sleeping peacefully.

Furthermore, this design style will keep you close to nature and you will have a brilliant bedroom with ambient lighting while having beautiful colours around you.