Helena Teepee Bed Review


January 9, 2024

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Practically every parent in the world can relate to the struggle of putting their babies to sleep so they can get some rest or get some work done. Several different factors determine whether an infant will go to bed or stay up all night and day crying. One such factor is the quality of the bed. 

Even if you feed your infant properly and keep the room at just the right temperature, they'll still not be able to sleep properly without a great bed. One brand that's generating a lot of hype in that regard is Helena Teepee. 

But, how exactly do you know if it's truly worth the hype? That's precisely what we're going to discuss in this Helena Teepee bed review.

What’s So Good About the Helena Teepee Bed?

The Helena Teepee bed is the best bed you can buy for your toddler. With this beautiful addition, you can offer your kids’ bedroom a beautiful makeover. With this bed, your baby’s bedroom will be ideal for a comfortable nap or recreational fun. 

You’ll enjoy the close-to-the-floor level of the tent bed frame for the best protection, giving it a wonderful choice for a baby’s bed if you’re searching for a secure and useful kid’s bed to transfer your little baby from their crib.

The Helena Teepee bed has unique features which will benefit you and your child and is easy to install. The fear of shielding your baby with pillows or other soft materials to avoid falling is no more when you install this bed. It is low to the ground, making it easy for you to lay your baby. So, it’s a win-win for you.


The moderate, strong real wood frame, available in white or natural timber, will complement most children’s room designs. You’ll appreciate that the Helena Teepee bed isn’t only fashionable but also long-lasting and strong.

They have a wide selection of children’s bedroom furniture, including bunk beds, trundle beds, house beds, and king single bed frames in a variety of styles and colours. The bed is designed to fit an Australian single mattress.

Most Australian kids’ beds are heavy, but the Helena Teepee bed is as light as the air-meaning that it is only 150 kg. It is durable, meaning that you won’t regret buying it as it gives great value for your money.

Some bed manufacturers spray toxic paints on some kids’ beds, which sometimes results in health problems. But the Helena Teepee Bed has no toxic paint. You are sure to forget about spending money on your child’s health as a result of toxic paint.

Finally, the Helena Teepee Bed comes in the size of 199 cm by 105 cm by 137 cm – which shows it doesn’t occupy much space.


You can’t talk about furniture in Australia without hearing the name Luxo Living. They are the manufacturers of the unique, valuable Helena Teepee Bed. Luxo Living has sold uncountable hundreds to thousands of furniture to the Australian markets at an affordable price with quality.

Luxo Living understands the demand for comfortable, fashionable furniture at reasonable pricing. Nobody needs to settle with old, obsolete home furnishings, especially with the “Cheapest Deal Guarantee” and its fast and reliable delivery service in Sydney, eliminating the need to wait weeks and months.

They move quickly and keep up with furniture changes so that Australian residents may have the furnishings and appliances they desire at reasonable costs. They do not do fancy showrooms, but if you are seeking home furnishings at the best rates in Australia also, with the ease of online purchasing and timely delivery, you are in the perfect spot! 

Returns and Shipping 

When you purchase the Helena Teepee Bed, they will ship the order within two days and include free transportation protection for your convenience. One of their carefully chosen home delivery companies will bring your product to you wherever your location is to guarantee that you always receive your items on time and in good condition.


Major capital city deliveries are normally done within 52 working hours; therefore, you will patiently wait for about ten working days from the delivery date for your purchase. Pre-order products are not included.

All Helena Teepee Bed shipments are scheduled on regular road transport. However, enough individuals are available to assist their driver with offloading if you purchase heavy or large products. The recommended lifting weight for each individual is 25 kg. Carton weights are specified in the product information. The driver will deliver the products to your front door. 


If you want to carry your order yourself, check the item address on the product pages. If you need help, you can use the contact number on their website to talk with a sales team member. We suggest you place your order on time, as they sometimes run out of stock.


Luxo Living focuses on granting absolute premium quality. The Helena Teepee bed comes with a three-year warranty for damages.

All Luxo Living goods include the following features for customers’ assurance of security and online buying convenience:

  • Money-back guarantees for 30 days – no questions asked
  • Insurance for free public transportation


In summary, the Helena Teepee bed is a high-quality bed for kids and adults as well. It comes in two different colours. Hence any other colour outside of the specified colours is fake unless stated otherwise by Luxo Living.

Don’t wait till the product runs out; make your purchase today and share your review with thousands of other happy customers.

If you want to fix the bed by yourself, here is a guide on how to set the bed otherwise, but if you cannot, contact a professional or company.

Why not make a change in your children’s room today? No more falling, no more bad dreams, and no more harm to them. Place your order on their official website to be sure you get the right quality bed.