Focus On Furniture Review: Are They Any Good?


January 9, 2024

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Curious about Focus on Furniture mattress reviews and if they're the ticket to your dream sleep? After a long day, we all crave that blissful crash onto a comfy mattress. But what if your mattress is part of the problem, not the solution? The market's flooded with different types, each made for specific needs and preferences.

Some folks love a soft mattress they can just melt into for a worry-free sleep. But for others, that same mattress might be a one-way ticket to ache city. It all comes down to what your body needs and likes.

Don't sweat it, though. In this article, we're diving into Focus on Furniture reviews to suss out the pros and cons. We're taking a close look at the medicoil mattress review and even checking out Focus on Furniture packages.

Let's get into it and find out if Focus on Furniture is as good as it sounds.

Focus On Furniture Review: Are They Any Good?

Benefits of Focus On Furniture Mattresses

Focus On Furniture offers different mattresses of varying qualities at the lowest price to give consumers viable choices. The mattresses come in different sizes, types, and colours. The brand guarantees its customers a good night's rest, and they have a refund policy for mattresses damaged in transit. 

Furthermore, the company offers other products on their website, from furniture to entertainment units, dining suites, hall and console tables, etc. They do home deliveries and onsite pickup, depending on your choice. However, they charge a delivery fee, so if you're seeking a cheaper option, you can pick up the product at their nearest store. 

The brand will call when the product arrives to arrange a suitable delivery time with you. Usually, their delivery team will call an hour before heading to your home with your purchase to ensure it's still a convenient time for you. 

Drawbacks of Focus On Furniture

Focus On Furniture charges a small sum to carry furniture up staircases. The charge applies for each floor the dispatch persons climb, which might be above budget for most people. 

The brand also charges a fee for the disposal of packaging. Otherwise, it's left for you to find a way to dispose of the extra weight. 

In some cases, like cancellation, customers must pay an additional 20% fee for standard and online transactions and 50% for made-to-order transactions. The fee will be deducted from your payment before your refund. 

Focus On Furniture vs Emma mattress

Focus On Furniture and Emma Mattress are known brands offering high-quality mattresses. However, as products are, Emma's mattress services are much more viable than Focus On Furniture. For one, Emma mattresses offer free deliveries for all products in Australia and Focus On Furniture charges for all delivery.

They not only charge for the deliveries, but you're also likely to incur additional charges if you need help moving the furniture or assembling the package in your home. In addition, Emma mattresses have a 100-night trial policy, which allows their customers to sleep on the mattress for 100 nights to determine its suitability.

You do not need to sleep on the plastic wrap during the trial. If you do not like the mattress afterwards, you can return it, provided there's no physical damage. Emma's mattress will also pick up the mattress from your delivery address at no cost to you. The Emma mattresses come with a ten-year warranty and a student discount of 10%.

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The Mattresses

1. Sleep Right Mattress

Sleep Right Mattress is one of the best mattresses Focus On Furniture offers. Itt features pocket spring support for extra comfort and a quality pillow top layer. It comes in queen and double sizes, with the double size being the more affordable option at $329AUD. 

You can pay with Afterpay in four instalments, and it’s interest-free. However, if you want a mattress with more features, consider the Koala Calm Mattress. It's a certified crowd-pleaser. It's durable with multi-layered three-zone support, which relieves pressure. Also, it has Coolmax tech that keeps you cool and dry while you sleep.

2. Medicoil mattress review

The Medicoil Ultimate Contour Mattress is a standard choice for those seeking an average mattress without high-end frills. Its 3-zone pocket spring system and foam layers provide basic support and comfort, suitable for everyday use. While it doesn't boast advanced features, its affordable price point of $499, down from $799, makes it an accessible option for budget-conscious shoppers. The 10-year guarantee adds a layer of assurance, making it a practical choice for those who need a straightforward, no-nonsense mattress for regular use.

But as comfort goes, it’s lacking compared with Emma Comfort Mattress.

The Emma Comfort is the top-scoring mattress in Choice's mattress rankings. The mattress is imbibed with innovative Airgocell, which helps to regulate one's temperature, ensuring you sleep uninterrupted. This mattress combines supportive polyether foam with pressure-relieving point-elastic foam. 

3. Medicoil Supreme Contour Mattress

The Medicoil Supreme Contour Mattress has a 23cm depth and comfort layer that is a 60mm foam pad and 700g polyester layer. It has a Bonnel innerspring support system, a deluxe stretch knit cover, and 35mm quilting foam. The brand used a 5 Turn Bonnell Spring unit with 5mm border wire for the coil system. 

It’s available at different prices in double, single, king size, queen size, and king single. Deliveries may occur between Monday to Saturday, 6am to 6pm, and the delivery costs are calculated at checkout, depending on your delivery location. However, if you’re on a budget, stick with an Emma Mattress. 

Final Thoughts 

The human body needs a great deal of quality sleep to function well. Therefore, you cannot sacrifice having a good night's rest. Emma's comfort mattress is the best mattress for the job. It gives one a reason to look forward to the close of work to get a much-needed rest.

When purchasing Emma's comfort mattress, you'll find it much more affordable, and you'll get a high-quality product with a 100-day trial period and a longer warranty.