How often should you flip your mattress?


January 9, 2024

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Ever caught yourself thinking, should you flip your mattress, and if so, how often should you flip it? Back in the day, flipping mattresses was pretty much the norm, especially since most were double-sided. But with today's one-sided mattress designs, flipping isn't really a thing anymore.

The general rule of thumb nowadays is more about rotation rather than flipping. The big question is, how often should you rotate your mattress? Typically, the advice is to give it a spin every six months.

This helps even out wear and extends the life of your mattress.

So, next time you're tidying up the bedroom, remember to give your mattress a little shuffle!

What does it mean to flip a mattress?

Flipping a mattress refers to moving one side of the mattress to the other side of the mattress that has sleeping spaces on both sides. Does it work on all mattresses? With a double-sided mattress, you can choose between various levels of firmness on both sides so that you can sleep on either side. In a one-sided mattress, the focus is only on one side, with layers of cushioning for comfort and durability. Memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses fall into this category and should not be flipped as they cause discomfort and damage.

To flip or not to flip?

The CAGR stated that Australia's mattress industry would grow by 3.5% in 2023, which isn't surprising because the customisation of mattresses is high. Many customers are looking for mattresses designed exclusively for the individual as per their requirements. Also, if the mattress's design demands flipping, please flip away and stay away from flipping if not. 

Here are few statistics that hint most Australians prefer a modern mattress (usually one-sided).

  • 20% of Australians use ten years old mattress 
  • 58% uses the internet for research before getting a new mattress 
  • 55% consider purchasing a mattress online 
  • 53% are ready to splurge $1000-$3000 on a brand new mattress 
  • 80% prefer getting a mattress manufactured by Australia 

If not flip, then what?

What can you do if flipping the mattress is not an option? By rotating your mattress, you will evenly distribute the fillings to prevent early damage and balance the foam in every area of the mattress so that you can equally use each side and increase the mattress' lifespan.

Why rotate the mattress?

Generally, we tend to sleep on the same bed area, but rotating your mattress will benefit you with factors such as persistent comfort, firm support, and prevention from submerging or sagging. 

How often do you rotate the mattress?

You might wonder how often to rotate your mattress? Rotate your mattress once every three months. If you feel discomfort or lack of support, rotate it frequently. The mantra is the more you rotate, the more evenly the fillings distribute. 


Mattresses are a long-term investment, so if you want to take full advantage of the product, check the video, which will guide you with the mattress care process. With that said, we hope you are ready to flip/rotate your mattress?