Eva Timber Bed Frame Review


January 9, 2024

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If your old bed frame has been creaking a lot lately, exchange it for a brand new one before it caves in. 

Now, we relate to the nightmarish thought of looking through hundreds of bed frame options! However, what if we tell you about a long-lasting and aesthetically designed bed frame that will be durable and perfect for most rooms? 

Yes, we are talking about the Eva timber bed frame, which is currently a hot favourite among customers. Moreover, it has won the Good Design award and the Red Dot Design Award (2021). 

With so many people talking about it, we decided to review it for ourselves to help our readers make the right purchase decision. Read on to know all about the features and how useful we found them to be. 

Eva Timber Bed Frame Review


We strongly believe it’s time for you to bring home one of the top bed frames equipped with the best qualities. But before we discuss it further, here are the standout features of the Eva bed frame in brief:  

  •  Available in five sizes
  • No tool assembly
  • Easy cable management option
  • Ethically sourced timber  
  • Tidy, minimalist design
  • Storage space provided
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty slats 
  • Phone and tablet holder attached

Rest assured that you will be getting a non-toxic and eco-friendly timber bed frame that is protected from all sides. Its minimalist design stands out and can be paired with any wall colour or wallpaper. 

What Are The Available Bed Frame Sizes And Their Weight? 

There are five sizes offered by Eva, and they are: 

  • Queen- 159 x 217 cm, weighing 74 kgs 
  • King-189 x 217 cm, weighing 83.5 kgs 
  • Double-144 x 202 cm, weighing 67 kgs 
  • King Single-113 x 217cm, weighing 35 kgs
  • Single- 202 cm long, weighing 30 kgs 

How Long Does It Take To Assemble? 

Do not know how to use tools to assemble a bed frame? No worries, as this bed frame does not need you to have any diagram reading skills or professional training for assembly. The Eva frame will only take five minutes to assemble and disassemble as needed and can be done by anyone. You will love the design and the utter simplicity of the process. 

What Is The Eva Bed Frame Made Of? 

This bed frame is made of high-quality birch ply, which is responsibly sourced. Timber wood is taken from forests that ensure sustainable forest management. Furthermore, it comes with a sturdy American oak exterior, and the entire body is lightweight and durable. 

Moving on to the colour, these timber bed frames have their own unique wood grain, and the colour and pattern may vary slightly from one product to another. But the America oak exterior will offer a premium-quality finish, and that should look good in all kinds of bedrooms. 

The bed frame sports an eco-friendly Osmo oil finish that protects the timber bed base from all sides. This Osmo oil is made with carnauba wax along with food-grade natural oils. Not only is it non-toxic but it also makes the surface resistant to stains. 

How Much Does Eva Timber Bed Frame Cost? 

The Eva timber bed base can be on the expensive side, but the quality and durability offered surely make it worth the cost. 

  • Queen Bed Frame: $1,200
  • King Bed Frame: $1,350
  • Double Bed Frame: $1,075
  • King Single Bed Frame: $975
  • Single Bed Frame: $900

Bonus Features

The Eva timber bed frame comes with a unique device holder which can be used to keep tablets, phones or other accessories. This enhances the utility of the frame like nothing else. 

Also, the brand offers a 365-day trial period, which means you can return the product during this time if you are not satisfied. Only a brand that truly believes in its product can make such an offer!

Plus, the return process is straightforward as you will simply have to contact the brand, and they will help you plan the return easily for no extra costs. 

Is This The Right Bed Frame For You? 

If you are looking for a simple but tough and durable bed frame, then this is the most argument-free piece to choose. It offers a minimalist design that will add to the aesthetics and will fit into most bedrooms easily. You can arrange all your devices on the side and use the slit for wires. 

It is designed to improve storage space and ensure cords stay tangle free as you keep electronics on the side. You will get storage space underneath as the bottom of the bed frame is left empty to store boxes and trunks. So, this makes for the perfect bedroom furniture for small houses or apartments with limited space. 

Plus, you can get the Eva mattress which fits this timber bed frame perfectly well. You can purchase the Eva mattress from the same Eva furniture website along with the bed frame. 

This is indeed a one-time investment, at least for the next many years, and we believe it is made for all kinds of sleepers. Even if kids jump on the bed, the bed frame will hold its ground and not break down. 

Final Verdict

If you have become a new parent, you might want a bed of the highest quality and of completely non-toxic nature. And the Eva timber bed frame offers you both of these. Plus, the five-minute assembly is such a relief considering you do not have to struggle with the process for too long. 

However, keep in mind that you should’t use harsh cleaning products to clean the bed frame. Instead, just take a damp cloth and wipe the surface well to keep dust away. 

So, it is time to build your bedroom aesthetic with one of the best bed frames on the market.