Eva Sofa Review


January 9, 2024

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A sofa completes a living room, and that’s a fact!

When it comes to home decor, a couch is one of the most elementary pieces of furniture you’ll place in your living room. They are the go-to soft furnishings when enjoying a movie with your friends and family, or simply sharing a nice conversation with them. 

It’s this welcoming quality of them that makes comfort and practicality the most desired aspects of couches.

Couches are dime-a-dozen when you go look for a set on the market, and Eva seeks to break the mould with their Everyday and All Day Sofa ranges. Sustainable, cosy and with a premium feel to it, the Eva Everyday Sofa promises to grow on you.

Eva Everyday Sofa Review


From the get-go, the Eva Everyday Sofa had our jaws hanging in awe. But, before that, let’s highlight the salient features that the couch boasts.

  • Left/right flexibility
  • Complimentary scatter cushions
  • Environment-friendly
  • Premium build quality
  • CFC-free foam
  • 365-day trial
  • Designed for lounging
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality Assured
  • Free delivery

How Does The Eva Sofa Feel To Sit On?

The Everyday Sofa is designed for leisure lovers, so you can use it as an all-day sofa. With the flexibility in design provided by Eva, you’ll find yourself switching up combinations to make it even more well-suited to lounge. It adjusts to fit what you need, rather than you having to adjust to the couch.

Eva has made a significant addition in quilted back cushions that are soft and give you ample support as well. The quilted cushions made of layered foam will make it so you’ll never want to get off at all!

Being neither too firm nor too soft, the Everyday Sofa is made to be as comfortable as possible.

What’s The Eva Sofa Made From?

Eva has used the perfect combination of artificial and natural materials while being as environment-friendly as possible. The variations in material come together to form an excellent lounging experience.

Its frame is made from sustainably sourced timber, a combination of hardwood and plywood that ensures your couch won’t fall apart anytime soon. That said, Eva has ensured that the couch remains light enough to move about with no trouble and sturdy enough to never falter.

Eva’s cushioning knows no match, made with layers upon layers of foam that differ in density, each of them optimised for the best possible lounging experience. Enclosed in a polyester cover, the couch remains soft and comfortable for a long time.

You’ll also receive complimentary scatter cushions made from recycled cushioning materials, in keeping with the environment-friendly mantra of Eva. Use them as back support or as the element that completes your home decor: the possibilities know no bounds!

The Assembly

While assembling your Eva couch, you’ll notice that the weight of your new couch matters a lot. Owing to the wooden frame, you’ll find that the Everyday Sofa is exceptionally lightweight and easy to move about. The cushioning is feathery light as well, leaning into its convenient design.

Building the couch is straightforward and requires no additional tools. Simply scan a QR code provided with the packaging and it will redirect you to a document with all the instructions. What’s more, you get complimentary scatter cushions made from fabric offcuts as the cherry on top.

The Seating Options

Eva has made the Everyday sofa with a family in mind. Not only does it have many seating options to choose from, you can also opt to have a chaise and L-shaped components to match your space. There are combinations aplenty, with options like:

  • 2.5 Seater Chaise
  • 4 Seater Chaise
  • 5 Seater L-Shape
  • 5 Seater L-Shape Extended
  • 6 Seater L-Shape

Modifying these components is as easy as detaching the sections and reattaching them after shifting the modules around. You can have your Everyday Sofa modified and ready in a matter of minutes:

Other Features

Lounging isn’t all that the Eva couch is good at. The Everyday Sofa comes with plenty of quality-of-life features to keep maintaining and using the furniture as hassle-free as possible.

1. Easy To Maintain

Be it simple dust or liquid spills, the Eva Everyday Sofa is easy to clean and maintain. The fabric lining the couch is hard-wearing, meaning it can be cleaned with just a pass of your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt. 

For spills, you can rub the area with an absorbent cloth or paper towel to clean it up. Alternatively, you may use a solution of mild detergent to clean up the spot. With washable covers, you won’t have to worry about stains even if you notice them much later.

2. Appealing Design

Unlike other soft furnishings, Eva has designed the Everyday sofa to be timeless. No matter the era, the Everyday sofa will remain elegant and appealing, raising the aesthetic appeal of your house. With covers coloured loft grey, moss green and oatmeal, it maintains a standout presence.

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Final Verdict

The Eva Everyday Sofa checks all the boxes: comfort, style, ease of assembly, quality of materials, etc. So, if you’re eyeing the sofa and are on the fence about purchasing it, you may take the plunge and experience it for yourself.

As far as the assembly is concerned, it can be a little finicky to have both modules align properly, especially if you have a chaise unit. But, that can be solved by a slow and methodical approach to it.

This model is recommended for anyone looking for a lightweight, comfortable sofa that doesn’t take up too much space. It will certainly find a home in your lounge room.

The sofa is made for modern times and is suitably modern in design, but will remain timeless as the times go on!