Dormeo Mattress Topper Review


January 9, 2024

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Sleeping on a mattress that has seen better days can become increasingly unpleasant, with awkward sleeping positions, discomfort and lingering fatigue the following day.

The trouble with replacing an old mattress is that a new one can be extremely expensive. And if your existing mattress is not in an unusable state, it can be hard to justify such a hefty investment. But you can’t exactly go for days on end without proper sleep, right?

That’s where a mattress topper may be able to help you. These can be called extremely thin mattresses that go on top of your existing one and completely transform the feel of your bed. Your old bed could go from feeling stiff and uncomfortable to plush and supportive with the addition of a topper.

So, to see if the Dormeo Mattress Topper can do this successfully, we’ve performed tests and gathered all the information you’ll need to know. Let’s see how the topper performed!

Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Topper Review


Before we dive into the thick of things, here’s a brief overview of the Dormeo Octasmart Mattress Topper and the features it brings to the table.

  • Memory foam mattress topper with Octaspring technology for air circulation
  • A medium-firm mattress topper with 7cm topper thickness
  • Three-zone support system for pressure relief
  • Conforms to the body’s natural contour
  • Breathable smart cover that is machine-washable
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Supports head and shoulder areas
  • Aligns hip and spine
  • Caters to back, side and stomach sleepers

How The Dormeo Topper Feels To Sleep On

The Dormeo topper features a layer of memory foam that conforms to the contour of the user’s body, providing enough pressure-relief and balanced support. This is a medium-firm topper that can pair well with old beds of any firmness, transforming the feel to suit the user’s preference.

One of the most prominent features of the Dormeo mattress topper is the Octaspring technology, which provides the user with three zones of support. These zones can help align the user’s spine and hips while keeping their head and shoulders free of any undue pressure.

In addition to support, the technology also makes it so that the topper has ample air circulation to circumvent the heat-trapping nature of memory foam. This makes the Dormeo topper an option for hot sleepers, as it remains cool throughout the night.

The memory foam used to make the topper can cradle the user’s hips and shoulders well, which is a quality that may be preferred by side sleepers. And since it contours to the user’s body nicely, back sleepers may look at it as an option as well.

A problem that has plagued stomach sleepers for quite a while is that few products can provide them with the support they need. While the Dormeo Topper can be supportive for stomach sleepers, there is a slight catch: the user’s weight. If the user weighs below 59 kilograms, they may use the Dormeo topper with their hip and spine aligned properly.

Thus, Dormeo mattress toppers may be able to cater to combination sleepers as well, offering supportive capabilities for all sleeping positions.

Lastly, this foam topper can limit motion transfer to a degree as well, which can be a preferable quality for couples.

The Make Of Dormeo Mattress Topper

The most important aspect to look for when purchasing one is how the mattress feels, followed closely by how it was made. After all, first impressions alone can’t be enough to judge a mattress topper properly.

There is a lot that goes into a good mattress topper apart from the comfort, which includes the build quality, the materials used and durability. Knowing more details about a mattress topper before you purchase it, has only merits and no downsides. After all, it would be a highly unpleasant sleep experience should the materials used to make the topper involve those you are allergic to.

Let’s take a thorough look at what went into the making of the Dormeo mattress topper.

1. Hypoallergenic Cover

The mattress topper comes with a machine-washable and hypoallergenic cover. Made from breathable polyester, the cover also comes with adjustable corner straps to keep the topper in place as you sleep. Additionally, the base has a layer of a non-slip material that further adds to the stability of this topper atop an old bed.

2. Memory Foam Layer

The Dormeo cooling mattress topper makes use of a high-density memory foam layer created with aerospace technology. Its creation involved no off-gassing, and it comes with no strong odours, which can be good for those sensitive to smells. Additionally, the memory foam is hypoallergenic, much like the cover.

3. Octaspring Layer

Next, the final layer of the topper is the Octaspring technology layer. This is a layer made from polyurethane memory foam with two distinct densities, which create a sheet of memory foam springs. These offer spinal alignment, cradle your body and allow high breathability, allowing any heat trapped in the memory foam layer to escape.

Weight And Thickness

Ideally, mattress toppers should never be too thick, as it can easily cause you to sink deep into the bed. It is not a pleasant feeling, particularly if you toss and turn frequently while sleeping. As a result, you may be left with body aches and a fatigued feeling the next day.

As for the weight, the heavier a topper is, the more difficult it becomes to carry it around. If you’re using the topper for camping, it can severely hinder your ability to trek with a heavy pack on your back. 

And similarly, Dormeo mattress toppers that are too heavy only add to the frustration of moving the bed from one place to another. You have the weights of your old mattress and the bed itself to consider, in addition to the topper. Suffice it to say mattress toppers should neither be too thick nor too heavy.

Dormeo seems to have this in mind, which is why you can choose from a selection of mattress topper sizes. You can choose the Dormeo mattress toppers sized according to your bed and needs.

Here is a brief list of size and weight specifications of the Dormeo mattress topper:

  • Single: 92 x 188 cm; 5.9 kg
  • Double: 138 x 188 cm; 8.8 kg
  • Queen: 153 x 203 cm; 10.6 kg
  • King: 183 x 203 cm; 12.3 kg

Additional Features

The post-purchase support offered by a mattress company is just as important as the pre-purchase support. This is generally a sign of confidence on the part of the company that its product will not see any issues. And in the event that it does, the company will do everything it can to fix the issues.

As such, the Dormeo mattress topper comes with an 8-year limited warranty, along with an 80-night free trial. There is a small condition to the free trial, it being that you have to sleep on it for at least 30 days before returning it. Should you face any issues with the topper during the trial period after the 30-day period, you can return the topper without hassle.

Additionally, Dormeo offers free standard delivery and returns all over Australia with every purchase. 

Will This Mattress Topper Suit You?

Now, let’s get to answering the final question: is the Dormeo Octasmart Mattress Topper right for you? The answer is a little more complex than it would initially seem.

Firstly, the memory foam mattress topper can cater to many sleeping positions, offering ample support in return. Combination and stomach sleepers in particular may consider the topper as an option for their preferred sleeping position. Secondly, the mattress has hypoallergenic qualities and can effectively ward off allergens, which can be beneficial for those suffering from seasonal allergies. 

Thirdly, the memory foam has a medium-firm feel to it, which is the firmness level that appeals to most people. Combined with the all-foam Octaspring layer, the topper may be an option to consider.

There are a few concerns that must be highlighted about the Dormeo Octaspring mattress topper. Firstly, the topper may show signs of sagging after repeated use, which may not bode well in the long run. Secondly, the topper has a break-in period, during which you may face issues with the comfort it provides. The first impressions not being the best can sour the experience for some.

And lastly, the topper can be quite expensive, particularly compared to most memory foam mattress toppers. If the Dormeo topper is not out of your budget, it may prove to be a good companion to your old bed.

Final Verdict

If all you’re looking for from a mattress topper is supportive sleep, you may look to the Dormeo Mattress Topper as an option. The topper features zoned support while being comfortable, providing a peaceful night’s sleep for most sleep positions. Its ability to keep you cool throughout the night is worth noting.

Dormeo does offer post-purchase support, showing confidence in the build quality of its product. The Octasmart mattress topper will be functional as a companion to an old bed.

That said, the topper does have its few minor downsides, the most prominent of them being the price. If the topper falls out of your budget, you can always look for alternatives on the market.