How To Donate A Mattress In Australia


January 9, 2024

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In Australia, how can you donate a mattress? Don’t worry. We’ve got it covered for you! This guide will help you get rid of your mattress quickly and for a good cause.

There are many ways to donate a mattress in Australia, including donating it to a non-profit, a homeless shelter, or recycling it. You can drop them off at the facility or call them to arrange to pick them up

We have listed a few of the companies in each of the major cities below.

How to donate a mattress?

To donate a mattress, ensure that it is in good condition. It usually can have some wear and tear, but significant defects may not be accepted. In Australia, around 1.8 million mattresses go to landfills every year that can cause a burden on landfills and the environment. To make the environment safer, you can donate to various charity organisations.

Decide where you want to donate, depending on the condition of the mattress. You can call your local goodwill store and ask if they accept donations, or you can donate them to a nearby charity or local homeless shelter. You can deliver it personally, or some may offer to come and pick it depending on the location.

Most ‘bed in a box’ companies will donate the mattresses returned to homeless shelters and charities in the trial period.

Where can I donate a mattress?

A donation is always a good option if you need to make room for a new mattress. There are a few places you can donate mattresses and box springs if you're wondering where to do so.

Charity Organisations: 

If your mattress is in good condition, you can call a local charity to ask if they can accept the mattress and box springs for donation. And if they agree you can deliver it yourself or they might send a service.


Freecycle is an online website where people from the community offer goods for free. You can list your mattress and box springs on the website, and if someone is in need, they can come and collect it. We have an article on upcycling your mattress. You’ll be surprised at the use cases.


Gumroad is a good place for mattress donation or even Facebook. You can post it, and anyone who needs it can collect it.

Mattress removal Melbourne

Removing or disposing of a mattress can be challenging, given its size and weight. In Melbourne, most councils offer hard rubbish collection as a service to their residents. You can reach out to the council for the available services. If not, private services such as Soft Landing, Bed Collect, or Same-Day Rubbish Removal, etc., are available where you can dispose of your mattress for a small fee for the service.

Where to donate a mattress in Melbourne?          

  • Donate Direct: Donate Direct is a non-profit organisation that uses the help of people that donate their quality items to disadvantaged people. But before donating, ensure that the mattress is clean and free from stains or tears because they can refuse to collect a damaged item. To deliver the mattress, you can deliver it personally, or they can organise a courier for mattress pick up when a donation is made to cover the service cost.
  • Bed Collect: Bed Collect is a bed recycling business in Melbourne. They collect mattresses within 30km of Melbourne, restores and delivers them to charities and those in need. They accept all types of mattresses but not the damaged ones. For delivering the item, you can book a mattress pickup service.

Mattress removal Sydney

If you’re wondering where to remove or dispose of your mattress in Sydney, the Council of Sydney provides the residents with a free weekly service to request a mattress pick up, and they will collect it for free. Or if you need to dispose of it quickly, several services like Paul’s Rubbish Removal 24-hour service provide services at a low cost. And Goodbye Junk also helps you with mattresses removal at a reasonable rate.

Where to donate a mattress in Sydney?

Generous and The Grateful: 

The Generous and The Grateful is a charity organisation that delivers goods to shelters and people in need. They offer a mattress pick up service where you can donate your mattress, given that it has to be in good condition. For them to accept your mattress, you have to upload photos of the item so that they can verify its quality.

The Salvation Army Australia: 

The Salvation Army Australia is a trusted Christian charity movement that helps fulfil the needs of the needy and the homeless, providing social and spiritual support. They accept all kinds of donations making an ideal place for you to donate your mattress. They can help you with mattress pick up at your home but ensure that it is in good condition. You can visit their official website to schedule a pick-up service by listing your item provided with a zip code and pick-up date.

Mattress removal Brisbane

There are many ways to remove your mattress in Brisbane, and you can easily choose from the available options. You can ask the Brisbane City Council whether they are available for a free pick-up service. And if not, you can call the Brizzy Rubbish Removals; they can collect and remove the mattress for you. Or Mattress Recyclers, they can collect the mattress and recycle it.

Where to donate a mattress in Melbourne?

GIVIT: GIVIT is a non-profit organisation that donates quality items to people in need. To donate your mattress, you can go through their website by including a description with a photo. But ensure that the product is not damaged and is reusable. You will have to make a donation request first, and the organisation will get in touch. You can also request a mattress pick up service.

Lifeline: Lifeline is one of the largest charities in Australia that helps the needy and the underprivileged. If you want to donate your mattress, you could be saving someone else’s life or someone who is in great need. They accept products that are in good condition, so ensure that the product is usable. You can fill up the form for mattress pick up online or request a free pick up.