Domayne Review: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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Ever scoured through Domayne reviews looking for the perfect bed to unwind on after a long day?

Relaxing the right way is crucial, and a big part of that is finding a bed that eases your stress, not adds to it. But as you've probably realized, comfort is a pretty personal thing. Some of us love a mattress that's as firm as a rock, while others go for something plush or medium-firm.

When it comes to picking a mattress, a lot of it comes down to what you're used to or what your body needs. That's why there are so many different types of mattresses out there, each made in its own unique way to cater to all sorts of preferences. It can be overwhelming with all those choices, but don't worry.

We've got a review that might just make things clearer.

We'll dive into Domayne furniture reviews and break down the options, helping you find the mattress that's just right for you.

Domayne Mattresses: Are They Any Good?

In more ways than one, yes, Domayne Mattresses are pretty good. In fact, one thing that many customers absolutely love them for is their ingenuity with bed frame designs.

The brand offers different bed frames and designs, and you can easily customise the bed frame by selecting your preferred fabric for the upholstery from their library. It gives one the leeway to design a bed frame that will suit their room decor. Furthermore, the bed frames are modern, with most designed with neutral tones, adding to their plushness.

Domayne's bed frame is Australian-made. It comes in sizes: Uber king, king single, double, queen, king, etc. The prices differ for each size, and they offer both low and high prices, depending on the quality and design of the bed frame. 

That said, there’s a lot more to Domayne than their bed frames and designs. We’ll offer a bit more context in the ensuing sections.

Benefits of Domayne Mattresses

Domayne offers various mattresses for all-purpose, and different sizes and colours. If you have severe back pain and need a mattress designed to help strengthen your back, you will do well with Doyamane's mattress. Also, they offer different products, ranging from bed frames to linen, furniture, homewares, etc. 

Their website is a place to shop for any ensemble you need for your bedroom decor. The brand leases out mattresses for property staging, which is superb if you're an interior decorator. In addition, they have a delivery system that works splendidly. 

It takes five to ten days for them to deliver the mattress, and you can track the order via My Account. The site's shopping cart's cost calculator helps you determine the delivery costs faster. Also, the brand has an excellent live customer support system that works Monday to Sunday, answering any questions you have. 

Doymayne's return policy varies from store to store. Independent franchisees operate the brand, each stipulating a return policy that suits their environment. However, if the goods get damaged in transit, contact the Customer First Team, and they will arrange a replacement or refund your money. 

Drawbacks of Domayne's Mattress

The brand does not deliver multiple orders to one delivery address. You will have to order and address the items separately, which could be a hurdle for someone short on time. Furthermore, if you placed an order for pickup, you have to pick up the item and not designate it to someone.

That aside, you must show a means of identification, which is a good thing. However, they do not accept Australian digital licenses. They have various mattresses on display on their website, but most are on the high scale side, which might be above budget for many people. 

Domayne vs Emma Sleep

This is a tough comparison because Domayne and Emma offer quality and top-notch products. However, while Domayne charges a delivery fee for their products, Emma delivers free to anywhere in Australia. That aside, Emma Sleep allow the 100-night trial.

This means if you purchase the mattress, the brand gives you 100 nights to determine if the mattress is suitable for you. Another thing of note is you do not have to sleep on top of the plastic wrap during the trial. If you don't like it afterwards, you can return it. The brand will pick up the product free from your delivery address.

Domayne allows 60 months, no interest equal monthly payment schedule for select products. Also, they give up a $1000 bonus gift card. On the other hand, Emma mattresses give students a 10% discount and have a ten-year warranty.

The Mattresses

Domayne’s website has a significant variety of mattresses that you can choose from if you need a high-quality surface to rest your head every night. The two that we have highlighted below, however, are the mattress brands that caught our attention the most.

1. Sealy Advantage Topaz Wool Mattress

This unique design from the Sleep leaders Sealy producers boasts a wonderful combination of gel and wool. The comfort layers are Gel, Premium foam, and Wool Fibre. It's available in long single, double, single, king single, XL double, queen and king. For this specific design, you can choose between the medium and firm feel, depending on which you deem more comfortable. 

Price Range: $649 - $1499

2. Dunlopillo Reconnect Recuperate Mattress

The manufacturers designed the Dunlopillo Reconnect Recuperate Mattress to help revitalise one's sleeping pattern. It has a naturally breathable bamboo fabric, a 5-Zone pocket spring system that ensures individualised support, and a solid foam border that provides edge-to-edge support, preventing "roll-out." 

You can pay in full or in monthly instalments. It's available in: long single, king, queen, king single, double, and queen. The comfort layer is high-density foam, and the feel is firm, super firm, plush, and medium. 

Price Range: $1088 - $2171

Final Thoughts

A good night's rest stabilises one's system and helps one get through the day. Emma Comfort offers the best mattress, and When purchasing, it's best to order a mattress in a box. It's more affordable, and you will enjoy the 100-night trial period, longer warranty, and a high-quality product.