Do You Need A Box Spring For A Memory Foam Mattress?


January 9, 2024

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Buying a base bed for a memory foam mattress needs several considerations, and we're sure you must have considered a box spring set, too.

Any mattress needs a good base that matches in size for it to look like a cohesive bed. With a strong foundation or base, the mattress gets proper support and stays put in structure and appearance for longer. Honestly, all of us may not know which bed frame goes with which mattress, and it is common to see users unhappy with their selection afterwards.

If spring boxes have come into your radar recently, allow us to explain whether you need them or not. But before that, take a look at some of the usual bed base options available.

Types Of Bases For Memory Foam Mattresses

1. Solid Bed Base

As the name suggests, the solid bed base is the most stable foundation for placing a memory foam mattress. It provides that much needed support to the back and body parts that complement the soft support from a memory foam mattress. 

Sometimes, you'll find these solid bed bases with storage sections at the bottom, but some models might be built at a lower height. It is common to find these beds in various adjustable designs and standard sizes while often being light enough to move around.

2. Slatted Bed Base

You might remember a slatted bed as being one that is arranged using wooden planks from one end to the other. However, the slatted bed category consists of two types - the sprung slatted bed base and the fixed slatted bed. The sprung slatted versions are slightly curved and flexible, while the fixed ones are composed of straight wooden slats that do not move much. 

Available in standard sizes, these beds keep mattresses ventilated in hotter seasons while providing adequate back support.

3. Ottoman Bed Base

The bed base is up and coming, with people preferring to use them for the additional storage space they provide. You can lift the platform to keep lesser-used items hidden out of view. While some Ottoman bed bases lift from the side, others open only at the end or halfway through.

Poor quality bases may collapse early on, so it is essential to find one with sturdy construction and strong joints.

4. Divan Bed Base

Divan bed bases are made of wood and covered on top with a layer of soft padding and upholstered fabric. Users appreciate this style because of its strong structure and light weight. You can make drawers in the base to store household items like an inconspicuous storage unit.

Do You Need A Box Spring For A Memory Foam Mattress?

Firstly, if you have an older box spring base, it might not be able to support a memory foam mattress. So, we do not recommend using the box spring since it may cause you discomfort while sleeping. 

That being said, you may be looking to buy a new box spring that has a modern touch to its structure. In this case, the bed base should be strong enough to support a memory foam mattress with ease. The structure should be able to provide firmness and help in spine alignment, and the foam mattress will only enhance the effects.

Box spring bed bases are typically constructed using steel springs along with wood that holds everything together. When combined with regular mattresses, this bed base can act as a shock absorber and maintain the health of your back. 

But the problem with using a box spring is that they flatten over time, and after ten years or so, they do not offer the same bounce. Place the mattress on and test it for yourself and check whether the consistency feels the same. If not, it is better to get rid of it entirely and buy a new one. 

Why Use A Box Spring For A Memory Foam Mattress?

Now, you might be wondering what's the point of considering a box spring as a base when you have other options like slatted beds available. The main argument for preferring a box spring over any other is its beneficial breathability factor. 

Well, a solid wooden bed definitely tends to get hotter and maybe drilling holes at the bottom might help. Plastic bed bases are an absolute no-no because they don't work with memory foam mattresses. Lastly, placing the mattress on the floor does not work either unless you want a super moist and sweaty sleeping surface. 

Hence, box spring sets are by far the best bed base option that allows for much-needed ventilation and improves sleep quality. The last thing you want is to wake up in a pool of sweat during those warmer months because the bed has little to no airflow.

Positioning A Memory Foam Mattress On A Box Spring

Memory foam mattresses are heavy, which is why sturdy base options like box springs make a pretty good foundation for a comfortable bed. In fact, the mattress company should also be selling a bed base to match the mattress size you've selected. 

But, if you are placing the mattress on any box spring, remember that the base should be solid and not sagging; otherwise, it may crack. Box springs are pretty solid, but you can add an extra perforated wooden slat for additional support before placing the mattress.

Final Words

Ultimately, you will not have any shortage of bed foundation options for your memory foam mattress. A box spring will do just fine if it's a new one. If you're bothered by the lack of ventilation, you could always get holes drilled into the bottom wooden base. Just don't go overboard with the hole sizes because the mattress does need a firm surface to sit on, after all. 

But, if you're considering combining memory foam mattresses with a box spring, we say go for it!