Derucci Mattress Review: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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The quality of your mattress greatly determines the quality of your sleep. Most mattress manufacturers know this, which is why most claim to have the best mattresses. However, few live up to this promise, so you must carefully choose which one you buy. 

De Rucci is among the top mattress manufacturers and suppliers, competing with companies like Emma. This article analyses the De Rucci mattress offerings and determines whether the brand's mattresses are better alternatives to Emma Comfort’s offerings. 

Derucci mattress review

Benefits of De Rucci mattresses

De Rucci offers several mattress options on its website to meet virtually anyone's sleeping needs. The wide variety ensures top quality in each segment, with excellent design and the use of quality materials. Their mattresses complement other De Rucci product offerings, such as bed frames, bedding, and nightstands, for an all-around sleeping experience.

De Rucci offers two mattress sizes, queen and king, with depths varying between 21cm and 30cm. Their beds also fit these mattresses, and the design blends well with other bedroom furniture. Additionally, the brand emphasises using sustainable materials, thus contributing positively to environmental preservation. 

Note that you can use De Rucci mattresses on any bed frame. You only need to ensure your chosen bed frame offers adequate support. This keeps the mattress in good working order and prevents injuries or other adverse effects on your body.

Derucci mattresses are designed to be breathable, thus preventing heat buildup that leads to poor sleep quality. Additionally, the mattresses feature microzones that ensure stability and prevent generalised depression. This way, your movements at night won't disturb your partner's sleep. 

The natural wool harvested here in Australia and high-quality velvet from Serbia ensure a quality product. These combine well with imported cotton to produce a natural feeling and durable mattress that will stand the test of time. 

Drawbacks of De Rucci Mattresses

While De Rucci offers some premium mattresses, bed frames, and other bedroom furniture, it lacks a kids' section. The mattresses are either in king or queen sizes, as are the bed frames. Therefore, you will need to check out other stores for something with kid bed sizes. It is the same case with bedding. 

Derucci vs Emma Mattress

While De Rucci has a larger product catalogue, Emma offers few but more premium mattresses in a broader price range. Additionally, you'll enjoy free shipping and delivery when you buy an Emma mattress in Australia. 

Both brands care for their customers, offering excellent customer support services and informative websites. There's always a person to help you with your bed frame and mattress selection in real-time. 

However, Emma offers an industry-first 100-night free trial. Moreover, you can take advantage of its return policy If you don't like the mattress after using it for 100 days. You don't even have to arrange for its transportation. Emma will come over and collect it free of charge. Furthermore, you'll receive a full refund. These terms are a testament to the quality you'll receive check out the range here

De Rucci Mattress Brands

De Rucci offers its mattresses under the same brand name. Its product catalogue contains 23 mattress varieties. You will not go wrong with any of those choices as they are made of the highest quality. We’ve picked out five of those to highlight below.

The Model MCD3 - 004A 

This mattress comes in both queen and king sizes. It measures 30 cm in height to give you enough foam to sleep on without feeling the bottom. It is made from knitted fabric. The quilting at the top and the bottom are made of PIV synthetic cotton, memory cotton and roll cotton. You can enjoy your sleep with this mattress, which will fit your bed frame properly.

The Model MZZ4 - 368A

The MZZ4 - 368A is made from 350g setting cotton and a 1.5cm piece of cotton. The plain quilting and bottom are made of roll cotton and resin cotton. The fabric is knitted to give that elevated look. This mattress contains a pocket spring with a wire diameter of 2.3m and a height of 13.5cm. The mattress itself stands at the height of 25cm and comes in both queen and king sizes.

The Model MZZ4 - 033B

Getting this mattress is like sleeping on the clouds. With its knitted fabric and soft cotton, you might never want to leave your bed. Like most other De Rucci mattresses, it comes in both the queen and king sizes. The quilting and bottom are made of roll cotton and resin cotton. 

The Model MZZ4 - 163

At 26cm high and Tencel knitted fabric, the Model MZZ4 -163 is a must-buy. The detail at the top of the mattress is done to perfection. They use resin cotton and roll cotton to make the quilting and bottom of this mattress. It also comes with a pocket spring to ensure your mattress stands the test of time.

The Model MZZ4 - 118

This mattress is made with knitted fabric and latex. Though it has only a few materials, there is nothing simple about the sleep experience it provides. You can get it in both queen and king sizes and prepare to sleep on 26cm of quality mattress. 

For more De Rucci Mattress, you can check their website and product catalogue.

Do De Rucci Mattresses Match Australian Standards?

De Rucci serves a specific niche market for people looking for a king or queen-size mattress. You'll find a wide variety of mattresses to suit your needs, as well as bedding and other bedroom furniture.

The website is well organised, with easy navigation and clear product information. The different mattress depths suit individual needs, ensuring a suitable selection for others. 

Final Thoughts

A Derucci mattress are okay value for money and come packed with exciting technological innovations. However, the Emma Comfort mattress are premium offering with excellent customer service and friendlier terms.

The brand's mattress-in-a-box solution is also ideal for most buyers and makes for more convenient and faster shopping with no intermediaries involved.