Chiro Care Mattress Review: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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Our Chiro mattress review will help you decide if it's the right for you? We all have our unique preferences when it comes to catching some Zs. Some folks dig a super firm mattress, while others are all about that soft, plush life.

If you're on the hunt for that sweet spot between support and comfort, Chiro Care mattresses might just hit the mark.

In this dive into a spinal care mattress review, and the other brands offered by chiro sleep.

Let's get into it!

Are Chiro Care Mattresses Any Good?

Chiro Care mattresses are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, but if you're still unsure if it should be your first choice, keep reading.

Benefits Of Chiro Care Mattresses

The Chiro Care mattress provides a comfortable surface for patients to lie down on during their chiropractic treatment sessions. This should be your top priority, as it has to be comfortable enough to sleep on every night so that you don't wake up in pain or struggle with your sleep position.

The company also has a questionnaire page that collects your preferences and recommends the best mattresses. The mattress is chosen based on your preferred sleeping position, body frame, budget, etc. 

Chiro Care also stocks a variety of mattress sizes to fit your bed frames. They have single, double, queen, king and king single sizes.

Another thing that helps Chiro Care Mattress is their extra-long warranty – a maximum of 15 years. 

Plus, all damaged product returns and exchanges are accepted without question if notified within seven days. In case you're unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, they will first perform an inspection of your mattresses.

Drawbacks Of Chiro Care Mattresses

The Chiro Care Mattresses are known for their comfort and support, but their biggest drawback is the high pricing. For many people, the investment is simply not worth it. 

The Chiro Care mattress with the best features will cost around $600-$1000; some people may not want to spend this much on a mattress. Additionally, not everyone can afford, or is willing, to buy top-priced mattresses every time. 

Chiro Care mattress does not have a page on its website dedicated to informing potential customers about its trial period. This makes it harder to trust a product without a trial period, making the selection process tedious. 

Chiro Care Vs Emma Sleep

Both companies offer excellent customer service with a 10-year warranty. But if you need the mattress as fast as two to three days, then it might be better to go with Emma Mattresses rather than Chiro Care. Chiro Care takes longer than seven days to deliver its products. 

The prices are very similar, with Emma Mattresses being slightly more expensive than Chiro Care Mattresses, if not in sale. However, both are competitively priced compared to other brands on the market today. Plus, when Emma is on sale they tend to be cheaper than Chrio Care beds.

In addition, Emma Sleep has better customer support and a more comprehensive range of products than Chiro Care mattresses. For example, you can choose from different firmness, weight, and size variations based on how much support you need.

Chiro Care Mattresses Brands

Spinal Care V1 Range

Spinal Care V1 is a great investment for your back pain relief. The brand features the latest 1.8 mm gauge pocket spring with 2mm edge support for a firm, medium feel. The extra-long 5-year warranty guarantees that you will be able to get the most out of your new mattress for years to come. 

Price Range: $399 - $799

Manhattan Chiropractic Mattress

Manhattan Chiropractic mattress is designed with high-density Visco Elastic foam. It is supportive but not overly firm so that you don't wake up with sore muscles in the morning. With different levels of density and sizes, you can find one to fit your body frame and preferences. Furthermore, a unique gel layer design allows you to sleep peacefully through the night without feeling heated. 

Price Range: $2,499 – $2,899

Hilton Mattress

The Hilton mattress uses a gel-infused memory foam with ice fabric to deliver a high-comfort sleep surface at an affordable price. Chiropractic doctors recommend memory foam mattresses for their conformability, pressure point relief, and optimal support. This memory foam mattress features a unique gel layer that dissipates heat away from your body for a cool, refreshing sleep. The brand also offers an industry-leading 20-year warranty. 

Price Range: $1,899 – $2,899

Crown Firm Flat Top

The Crown Firm Pillow Top mattress uses progressive pocket springs for maximum comfort. The construction of this mattress is made from high-density Belgium knitted fabric foam that provides support without being too hard or too soft. It also has a breathable open-cell latex layer that helps keep your body cool during the night. 

Price Range: $899 – $1,599

Castle Orthopaedic Pillow Top

Say goodbye to restless nights with this medium-feel pillow top pocket sprung mattress. The Belgium knitted fabric foam encasement and extra edge support will keep you comfortable all night long. Castle Orthopaedic is a good choice for those looking for a high-density foam mattress that is durable and suitable for back or side sleepers.

Price Range: $399 – $799

Final Thoughts

Mattress evaluation is a tedious process. Luckily, we looked at each product's important aspects, including its size, firmness, material, and more. If you want to purchase one of these mattresses and live in an area where you can't find the best retail store or a fast delivery service, fret not. You can always order online and have it shipped directly to your home. 

While Chiro Care promises enticing features, we recommend Emma Mattresses for its overall customer and product experience. 

Emma is a leading mattress brand in Australia that offers an excellent range of products, including hybrid, memory foam mattresses. Furthermore, they provide free delivery on all orders, while Chiro Care only offers free delivery for orders above $500. Now that you have the price to value knowledge, it's time to get your hands on one!

We recommend checking out the Emma Comfort. Happy shopping!