Are Bunnings Mattresses Any Good?


January 9, 2024

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Bunnings is the go-to store for the everyday DIYer and tradie, but did you know that you get memory foam mattresses from there? 

The brand has impressed one and all with its range of options and services so that people of all ages can use the mattresses for maximum comfort. Moreover, all the products are available at affordable prices so that Bunnings can support people across Australia in their home improvement endeavours. 

Today, we decided to take a closer look at what separates Bunnings mattresses from its competitors to help you make a suitable purchase. If you are ready, let’s begin.

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Are Bunnings mattresses any good?

Benefits of a Bunnings mattress

To expand its business, the Bunnings website features mattresses from 16 different brands so that buyers can choose from a wide variety of options. All of these products are highly comfortable, offering spinal support for customers suffering from back pain. 

Moreover, they contain reinforced edges to help you sleep like a baby on most standard beds. Simply visit its range of stores across the continent, where you may find everything from mattresses for a queen bed to pocket spring units. 

Not to mention, its delivery teams ensure that the items you buy online arrive on time without any hassle. And in case of any issues, the staff is courteous and always available with the right answers. 

Drawbacks of Bunnings mattresses 

As with most businesses, the Bunnings warehouse contains slightly expensive products, meaning you might be hesitant about making the purchase. On top of that, the company doesn’t offer any trial period, so there’s no turning back once you place the order. 

Understandably, we recommend you read the 12-month refund and warranty policy to avoid problems later. That said, the return may not cover the money spent on shipping, including freight charges and a restocking fee of 15%. 

It would be best if you take all these factors into account before you buy the product. 

Bunnings Vs Emma mattresses - which should you get? 

To make a choice between a Bunnings mattress and an Emma mattress, we need to look at the services accompanying the two items. For starters, any Emma mattress comes with a 100-day trial period which Bunnings is unable to provide. 

Another point in favour of Emma is that it offers a 10-year warranty compared to Bunnings that mostly offers a 12-month warranty. But in accordance with their customer satisfaction policy, both brands deliver across Australia at no added cost. 

There aren’t many reviews that compare the quality of both brands, but ultimately the choice you make comes down to your requirements.

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Do Bunnings mattresses match Australian mattress sizes

All store or site bought Bunnings mattress in a box are suitable for most Australian beds, irrespective of their size or build. For instance, you will find double-beds, single-beds, pocket-spring, queen-size, and memory foam mattresses to match all your needs. 

Additionally, depending on the type of bed, you can opt for a mattress with a snug fit, meaning the sheets will hang loose. The trick is to buy a slightly smaller product in such an instance.

Bunnings mattress review

1. Baha memory foam mattress

This product is super comfortable and easy to care for, thanks to its deep foam layers that can withstand a large amount of body weight. These layers are 20cm deep, allowing sleepers to stay cool even in extreme heat during the Australian summer. 

Moreover, the top cover is removable, and you can hand wash it in cold water using a soft detergent. In other words, it’s low-maintenance, which coupled with the affordable price makes it an attractive option. 

Also, it strikes the right balance between comfort and support, cradling your back without losing its shape. 

2. Giselle memory foam queen mattress

What stands out about this queen mattress is its multi-layer foam design, making it suitable for both kids and adults to rest comfortably. In all, there are three foam layers, delivering contour pressure relief, reducing heat, and offering core support so that you wake up well-rested. 

Customers will also love the premium-quality knitted fabric that feels great against the skin, allowing people to fall asleep quickly. Plus, the gel memory foam adjusts according to your body shape for a snug experience. 

Added to that, the mattress is hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust, guaranteeing sound sleep all year round. 

3. Zinus pocket spring mattress

The Zinus mattress is one of the best looking options on Amazon that also offers fantastic support. It is highly durable and uses pocket spring technology for spinal alignment, ensuring that people can rest for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable. 

What’s more, the springs adjust to a person’s body shape, allowing you to share the bed with a partner who won’t wake up even if you toss and turn. Naturally, it may be suitable for all types of sleepers, with a quilted cover cushioning the body to replicate the feel of pillows. 

4. Slumbr Dusk king mattress

If you are looking for a boxed mattress, they don’t come much better than this product from Slumbr. It features a pocket spring system much like the Zinus mattress, therefore, supporting the whole body without disturbing your partner. 

That’s why some parents choose to use it in their kids’ room so that the little ones don’t wake up in the middle of the night. Plus, the sleep surface delivers terrific support and helps balance the body, especially the core, resulting in sound sleep. 

Summing it up!

Hopefully, you liked our tips regarding the Bunnings foam mattress selection and will have no trouble selecting the right product. 

Usually most Bunnings products are soft and deliver superior comfort. The mattress edge also comes with high-tensile support, which prevents individuals from rolling off the bed. And it reduces sagging so that the mattress retains its quality for a long time. 

However, if you want to get a mattress that cuts out the middle man and puts that money in R&D for a better mattress, you should check the mattress out here.

But they don’t come with a trial period while the 12-month warranty is less than other brands. With that it’s a wrap on this review, sweet dreams!