Brosa Furniture Review: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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Ever stumbled upon a Brosa furniture review and wondered if they're the real deal for sprucing up your space?

Whether you're setting up a new home or giving your current one a makeover, the urge to snag some fresh furniture is strong. Sure, the Australian furniture scene is brimming with options, but let's be real – not every brand is worth your cash. That's why when Brosa popped up on our radar, we knew we had to take a closer look and spill the beans for you.

So, what's the lowdown on Brosa beds and their other pieces? First off, Brosa reviews generally tilt towards the positive, praising their modern designs and quality. But, is Brosa legit? From what we’ve seen, yeah, they seem to be on the up and up, offering stylish, quality furniture but they tend to be expensive.

Dive into our review to get the full scoop on Brosa's offerings.

Brosa Review: are they any good?


1. Diverse range of products

For starters, Brosa is a quite diverse brand, offering a range of furniture pieces for practically every room in your home. Be it the bedroom, living room, kitchen or dining space, you will find everything from bed frames, bed bases, and bed heads to sofas to accent chairs in different price ranges.

Not only that, but the brand also manufactures outdoor furniture, lights, rugs, storage cupboards and even mattresses. We will talk about the latter in some time.

2. In-House management

The foundation of this brand was laid with the aim of removing the need for middlemen like wholesalers, retailers, importers, as well as high-end stores, which ultimately lead to higher product costs. Since everything is managed in-house, Brosa products, albeit not the cheapest, don’t need you to pay extra for the “intermediary” services.

3. Efficient delivery service

As for the delivery service, Brosa has partnered with some of the top courier services in the country, like Australia Post, ANC, and DHL, among others. These partners facilitate delivery of small and medium furniture pieces across Australia.

However, Brosa has an in-house delivery team, too, to get its product delivered in metro Melbourne and metro Sydney areas. Buyers can even upgrade to white glove delivery by paying extra according to the product and area of delivery.

4. Easy returns

Brosa understands that not every buyer may be satisfied with its products, which is why it has a return and refund policy. Customers can return certain products in the original packaging within 21 days from the date of delivery. They can get in touch with the customer service team that will guide them about the return process, but return shipping should be paid for by the buyer.


1. Premium pricing

One of the first things that can deter potential customers is its premium pricing on some products. Despite eliminating the middleman network, certain products can still come as expensive, and you may find comparable (or even better) products from brands that specialise in them.

2. No mention of delivery time

There’s no average delivery time mentioned on the website. So, if you plan to just check out furniture and bedding available at Brosa, you will have to paint-strikingly visit every product page and enter your pin code to see the exact delivery date.

Brosa vs Emma Sleep

When it comes to mattresses, Emma is a top name trusted by thousands of Australians to get a good night’s sleep. The brand is known for its comfortable and breathable mattresses that come in 3 different variations- all-foam, spring and hybrid. In short, it has something for almost all types of sleepers. 

On top of that, Emma offers a 100-night trial and 10 years of warranty on these mattresses.

Brosa also has 3 made-in-Australia mattresses that come in different sizes and offer distinct features with the same warranty period as Emma, but with no trial. These are:

1. Super supportive mattress 

Price: $1,062 To $1,479

Designed with a combination of multiple comfort layers and support systems, this mattress strives to strike the right balance between firmness and softness. It features a cooling honeycomb layer, which is a metal-less hexagonal structure that facilitates airflow and claims to provide more support than springs or coils.

Not only that, but it also has cooling beads infused with cooling gel to keep excess heat and moisture at bay.

The base is made of two components- an outer wrap layer that keeps the mattress cool and renders some extra cushioning. Then, there’s the bottom supportive HD layer that reduces the chances of sagging in the near future.

2. Perfect plush mattress 

Price: $1,109 To $1,679

The perfect plush mattress is made from 3 layers of support and softness and promises a “sleeping-on-cloud” like experience for users. 

At the top sits an extra sensitive Tranquil Microclimate layer that serves multiple purposes like contouring the sleeper’s body shape and regulating body temperature. It also has even weight distribution properties. 

Next comes the hexagon-shaped cooling layer that doubles as a motion-resistant platform. Hence, you shouldn’t ideally be bothered by the constant tossing and turning of your restless sleeping partner.

The superwave supportive HD layer below is designed to provide extra support to the pressure points near your hips and shoulders, as well as keep your spine aligned throughout the night. And lastly, the soft-touch outer wrap layer is equipped with air holes to add to the breathability of the mattress.

3. Firm Favourite mattress 

Price $999 To $1,062

As the name may have already suggested, the firm favourite mattress caters to people who prefer sleeping on a firm surface. As such, it comprises two thick layers, which the brand claims can keep your spine and back straight, especially if you’re a front or back sleeper. 

The top layer has comfort and support properties similar to memory foam but does not trap heat. It’s meant to suit the Australian weather all year round without compromising on durability or resilience.

Furthermore, the dense base layer supports the entire weight of the mattress (with the sleeper atop) but is said to be 5 times more breathable and open than conventional high-density layers.

Note: While the super supportive mattress comes in single, king and queen sizes, the perfect plush has double, king and queen sizes. However, the firm favourite version comes in only two sizes- king and queen. You can check out the exact dimensions on their respective product pages.

Bed frames

Another category of products that both Emma and Brosa cater to is bed frames

Since Emma emphasises quality over quantity, its bed bases are only limited to four types, which are made with the highest-quality materials. You will find different-sized metal, wooden and sofa beds on the website.

Brosa, on the other hand, has over 90 bed bases that include traditional wooden frames as well the Brosa gas lift bed like upholstered and non-upholstered gas lift beds. So, let us quickly walk you through some of them.

1. Isabella gas lift bed frames 

Price: $1,999 To $2,199

The Isabella gas lift bed frames are built from a combination of wooden slats and steel with lien bed fabric for the upholstery. Aside from adding a touch of contemporary look and feel to your bedroom or guestroom, these bed frames bring in functionality with an easy-to-use gas lift storage compartment.

You can find this line in king, queen, queen slim and slim sizes. What’s more, the brand enables buyers to customise the colour of the upholstery.

2. Megan gas lift bed frames

Price: $1,062 To $2,399

The Megan range of gas lift bed frames from Brosa is, perhaps, the most diverse line, as it has many upholstered options to suit different user preferences.

Firstly, there’s the usual queen-size gas lift bed frame that has channel tufted upholstery with a rounded headboard for a modern appearance. But if you want a longer headboard for decorative or functionality purposes, then the Megan wide king-size frame may fit the bill.

Aside from that, there’s the standard king-size bed frame suitable for big master bedrooms. The brand has also designed a king-size frame with drawers for people who need additional storage space.

3. Ethan wooden bed frame 

Price: $1,399 To $1,799

People who want something simple may choose the Ethan bed frame range that has slatted headboards. The compact structure of these units can be suitable for smaller bedrooms and guest rooms.

4. Sky gas lift bed frame

Price: $1,249 To $1,999

With their arched, dome-shaped headboards, the sky lift range is typically preferred by people who want to add something unique to their interior decor. These frames come in king and queen sizes, meaning they may be more suitable for medium to large rooms.

5. Stella Tall upholstered bed frames 

Price: $2,099 To $2,499

The Stella tall upholstered bed frames stand out due to their long headboards, which can also function as decorative pieces for the wall behind your bed. Plus, they have drawers on either side for more easy access to the storage space beneath the bed.

Final words

So, does Brosa stand the test of quality and affordability? 

We will say that although Brosa has a diverse range of products that aims to provide functionality without compromising quality, the price factor may be a deterrent. Even the most basic light fixtures, for example, can cost hundreds of dollars. But is there an alternative?

You can check out the Koala website for availing quality furniture pieces at reasonable prices and regular discounts. Similarly, you may well find more affordable mattresses from reputed bedding brands like Emma.