Body Balance Review


January 9, 2024

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Choosing a mattress for the bed is easier said than done, not only due to the many available options but also varying sleep preferences. 

If you share the bed with a partner or have kids who sleep together, finding a product that satisfies everyone's needs is challenging. That's where the Body Balance mattresses come into the picture since they conform to individual body types without disturbing the other person.

These mattresses are handcrafted in Australia and have various unique features to enhance your health and sleep cycle. So, today's guide dissects the qualities that make Body Balance a leading production line on the Australian market.

Body Balance Review


All Body Balance mattresses deliver the right balance between comfort and support without feeling too firm or soft. Consumers can't outright label the mattresses as springy or spongy, hot or cold - they are just right for everyone.

If you don't believe us, we have listed the essential points that make these mattresses unique.

  • The memory foam construction hits the sweet spot for outstanding pressure relief
  • Cool-to-touch fabric
  • Adjusts to the body shape to reduce partner disturbance
  • Adjustable base
  • Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol
  • Adaptive temperature regulation
  • Tencel fabric
  • Conforma coil support system

As you can see, Body Balance's mattresses hit the sweet spot in more ways than one, but this is just a teaser. Let's explore these features in more detail.

How do the Body Balance mattresses feel to sleep on?

The Body Balance mattress delivers unmatched comfort owing to the memory foam used for its construction. This foam layer adjusts according to a sleeper's body shape and cradles the body's pressure points and curves for even weight distribution. 

It reduces the impact on the shoulders and hips, particularly for side sleepers and forms a balanced sleeping surface for peaceful sleep. The cool-to-touch fabric that feels great against the skin is even more pleasing, thanks to its ultra-soft design, perfect for snuggling in bed.

Moreover, the fabric reduces the chances of overheating, helping you fall asleep quickly and take longer naps without interruption, even during the hot summer months. But the standout feature is its motion isolation technology that conforms to most sleeping positions and minimises partner disturbance so that you can share the bed with kids.

Body Balance has also added an adjustable base, allowing consumers to change positions and find the most comfortable spot for relaxing sleep or watching TV. Considering all the factors, we rate the Body Balance mattresses 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. These products are highly versatile but slightly unsuitable for people who need an extremely soft or firm mattress.

What are the Body Balance mattresses made from?

Body Balance mattresses are handcrafted in Australia and use environment-friendly practices for the best sleeping experience. Like any premium-quality mattress, these products come with several comfort layers and soft fabrics to create a relaxing sleep environment.

To provide detailed insight into what makes Body Balance unique, we have explained the function of its various layers in detail.

1. Top Fabric

The top fabric of Body Balance mattresses is either cool-to-touch or Tencel fabric, but they all have one thing in common - temperature regulation. This top fabric is extremely soft to the touch and amplifies the sleeping experience by regulating the temperature of the surface or the sleeper's body.

Moreover, the moisture-wicking attributes of the top layer keep the mattress dry and reduce the chances of mould or bacteria.

2. Body Balance Foam

The Body Balance foam or memory foam layer offers spinal alignment and cradles sleepers' bodies by adjusting to their curves and sleeping positions. This foam layer is supported by a Conforma coil support system, with firmer springs providing more support in the centre of the mattress.

As a result, it promotes greater motion isolation and minimises disturbance even when switching sides. Best of all is that the Conforma coils come with triple-zonal support for cushioning individual sleepers and distributing their body weight evenly across the surface.

We also like that it relieves the major pressure points, such as shoulders and hips, to reduce body aches and guarantee uninterrupted sleep.

3. Comfort Foam +

Another unique addition is the Comfort Foam + layer, which improves air circulation and enhances comfort through greater breathability. It also improves the moisture-wicking properties of the surface and keeps hot sleepers cool throughout the year.

4. Adjustable Base

At the bottom of the mattress lies the adjustable base that provides much-needed support for all body weights but, most importantly, improves the feeling of snugness from all sides. Depending on whether you are sleeping, reading or resting, it's possible to change the position, angle and height of the base until you find the sweet spot.


Knowing the dimensions of a mattress is essential to determine whether it can fit the bed to deliver maximum comfort. All dimensions mentioned are in millimetres.

  • Single - 1880 x 920 
  • Long Single - 2030 x 920
  • King Single - 2030 x 1070
  • Double - 1880 x 1370
  • Queen - 2030 x 1530
  • King - 2030 x 1830
  • Super King - 2030 x 2030

Bonus features

The best thing about Body Balance mattresses is they come with a 15-year guarantee, allowing consumers to opt for repairs due to faulty craftsmanship or worn-out materials. And for a nominal fee, the company even helps you adjust the mattress support. Consumers can contact customer support via phone, email and live chat to address their concerns.

Other than that, the mattresses have the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol, which makes them safe for asthma patients. All products are manufactured only in Australia and have been tested by a third party.

Body Balance mattress review

To ensure you can make the right choice, here are the top mattresses from Body Balance found in most furniture stores.

1. Integra Plus

The Integra Plus is best for spinal alignment and features firmer springs near the centre for greater support and even weight distribution. It has a Tencel fabric cover that, combined with wool, provides an ultra-soft sensation while wicking away moisture to keep the sleep surface dry.

Consumers also love the adaptive temperature-regulating fabric that keeps individual sleepers cool in summer so they can fall asleep faster.

2. Integra

This is a medium-firm mattress comprising Conforma technology and Body Balance foam layers. The luxurious foam contours to your body shape and sleeping positions while evenly distributing weight with the 3-zone support system. You will also like the Comfort Foam + layer that improves air circulation for sound sleep.

3. Nada

The Nada mattress is best known for improving air circulation, comfort and support. It features the company’s cool-to-touch fabric combined with Adaptive temperature regulation to keep sleepers cool and dry throughout the night. Moreover, the Body Balance foam cradles the curves and reduces partner disturbance for uninterrupted sleep.

4. Lotus

Standout features of the handmade Lotus mattress include its all-around body comfort, cradling support and cool-to-touch fabric to reduce discomfort even on warm nights. The mattress lowers an individual's body temperature and relieves the pressure points around the shoulders and hips.

5. Maya

Body Balance mattresses, like the Maya mattress, are quite popular in furniture stores owing to the breathable nature of the fabric. The medium-firm design of this product is ideal for most sleeping positions and reduces the chances of back aches by cradling the curves and pressure points.

6. Prasada

If you toss and turn in bed, disturbing your partner, check out the Prasada mattress in furniture stores, as it has body-contouring memory foam for superior comfort. It further relieves the pressure points and helps maintain an ideal body temperature so you can fall asleep faster.

7. Deva

The Deva mattress offers luxurious comfort with the Conforma support system that adjusts to your body weight and cushions the curves for pressure relief. You will experience minimal disturbance even when your partner switches sides, reducing the chances of body aches since the mattress doesn't sag.

Are these the right mattresses for you?

Body Balance mattresses have several unique features that make them stand out, the most notable among which is the adjustable base. Changing the height and angle of your head and feet can reduce aches, control snoring, improve blood circulation and manage acid reflux.

These mattresses further have a massage function for maximum relaxation while the memory foam construction cradles the body from all sides. If you like sinking slightly into the surface but want proper spinal alignment, Body Balance will be perfect for your needs, thanks to its supportive springs.

Final Verdict

Body Balance has 3 comfort options - plush, firm and medium. While the plush mattresses are super soft without compromising support, firmer models deliver extra support for stomach or heavy sleepers.

But the medium-firm mattresses will be your best choice for reducing aches and snuggling under the covers throughout the year. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps the sleep surface clean to reduce the growth of harmful allergens and regulates body temperature for maximum comfort.

Check out the official website or visit a furniture store after reading our guide to understand the features of Body Balance mattresses better.

However, we do recommend getting a mattress in a box to cut out the middle man and save money. Plus, you get around 3 months to try the mattress out, which beats an awkward 5 min laydown in a store any day of the week. Read the Emma Zero Gravity review (its our top pick).