Big W Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Curious about the mattress in a box Big W offers? You're not alone. Big W has a range of items, but their mattress stands out in its affordability. The Queen sized Kodu, for instance, is priced at under $200. But here's the thing – is it genuinely a great deal, or just a cheap quick fix?

If you're considering a foam mattress Big W stocks, like the Kodu, it's good to think beyond the price. Sure, it’s light on the wallet, but what about quality and comfort? Let's take a closer look and figure out if this mattress is a real bargain or if you might want to shop around a bit more.

The Big W Mattress in a Box is it any good?

The Big W Mattress in a Box may be the perfect solution if you've been on the hunt for an affordable mattress. Also, I have compiled a list of the top cheap mattresses in a box for you.

While the mattress isn't the best out there, it's one of the most affordable on the market, and it's from a budget retailer in Australia.

For more information on this mattress, we compared it to others on the market, analyzed reviews, and assessed the materials and features it offers. Big W's beds might leave a lot to be desired, but the price point may sway you toward it.

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Comfort and support

You will have to rely on advertising and user reviews since there is no true way to test out the bed in-store, at least in most stores around Australia.This mattress has been described as best we could in the hopes that you will be able to tell whether it is right for you.

As we discussed above, there is very little engineering behind creating the experience on this mattress, and that is evident when it  comes to partner disturbance and motion isolation.

This bed features little to no isolation, so if someone moves around a lot during the night, you'll definitely feel it. Those who sleep alone on this bed won't have a problem, but if you sleep with a partner, both of your movements will undoubtedly wake one another up.

The comfort layer is made of polyester cover and soft filling and foam layers. No doubt, this is not a very good comfort layer. Besides barely providing any pressure relief, the top layer is extremely hard and uncomfortable.

According to our reviewer, the mattress is firm,  scoring 8.5 / 10 (with 10 being the firmest). Even though we test mattresses our guidelines might not correlate with the level of comfort. 

However, an ultra-firm bed is a good choice for heavier sleepers or people who prefer a solid sleeping surface. The mattress will keep you supported if you stay in one position during the night, and your spine will be aligned if you roll over to your stomach.

Big W mattresses are best for stomach sleep. Support is provided by the Bonnell spring system in the Big W Mattress. The spring unit feels cheap, and the back support is inadequate. 

There isn't enough foam above the springs, so they press against your body as you move during sleep, making it difficult to move around. The innerspring quality cannot be verified, so the longevity of the springs is unknown. However, a decade on this  mattress might not be ideal.

Due to the fact that the mattress is very firm all over, you can expect ideal edge support. The sides of this mattress are quite strong, so anyone sleeping next to the edge won't fall off their bed.

In contrast to memory foam beds, Big W mattresses have springs that passively distribute heat and promote air flow. 

Platform and solid bases are ideal for this mattress, so be sure to install it on a well-ventilated frame or you'll be creating a heat trap. Read our best Australian bed frames article. 

Aside from the lack of special features, this mattress doesn't offer any additional advantages. With this mattress, you essentially get an affordable, firm spring base coupled with a thin foam topper that is neither too firm, too warm, nor overly uncomfortable.

The not so good

It does not have certifications from Oeko-Tex, CertiPUR-US, or other organizations that review the materials and construction of mattresses to make sure they meet standards and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Big W's information about the construction and materials is vague. It contains only the features listed below;

  • Generous layer of soft fillings provides comfort and support 
  • Medium support
  • Tempered steel Bonnell Springs
  • Easy to transport
  • Comes rolled up in box
  • Easy to transport - Carton comes with handle and wheels
  • Ready to sleep on in 48 hours after decompression
  • Note: Once mattress is decompressed it can not be put back into the box

Big W alternatives

We have a three of reviews that stand out. The Emma mattress review, and the Koala mattress review. You can get the Noa Lite ($399 normally $699) for the single and Emma ($480 normally $799) for the single. These are premium mattresses and have OEKO TEK certifications.  When you take into account the warranties, sleep trials, and the vast improvement of sleep, it's hard not to pick one. 

Final verdict

The main benefit of this mattress is its low price. In spite of this, spending very little on sleep that is suboptimal and sleeping on uncertified materials. It's a bad idea. 

Big W's Bed in a Box is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get a mattress at the lowest price. Despite some rather unsavory reviews, the queen bed is arguably a steal for just $199 or $99 depending on the model you choose.

At this price, you will receive only the bare essentials with a single or queen-size mattress. There are no added extra features, no engineering to increase breathability, no trial period, and no dust mite protection or allergy support.

Big W mattress Toppers

There are a few different mattress toppers to choose from at Big W. With a price range of $40 to $110. The toppers are mainly from Jason and Tontine, we have a few reviews of them on our best mattress toppers list.

If you suffer from allergies, have painful joints, or have an old, uncomfortable mattress, mattress toppers may be a good investment for you.

While you sleep, a good mattress topper will help support your spine, bones, and joints and distribute your body weight evenly. If your mattress is too firm, a mattress topper can provide a softer sleeping surface.