Where Can You Find The Best Furniture In Melbourne?


January 9, 2024

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Let's look at the best furniture stores Melbourne offers, finding the right furniture for your house can be pretty overwhelming. Looking through several furniture pieces and comparing their prices - so much to do! 

Whether you're redecorating your home or have recently shifted to a new house, undertaking a full-fledged furnishing project is not a joke. You might not even know where to start looking for the right furniture that goes well with your home decor ideas. 

But no need to get flustered because we've done most of the work to help you out. In this article, we've curated a list of some of the best furniture stores in Melbourne that can be the one-stop solution to all your furniture troubles. These shops have an eclectic range of furniture designs, from outdoor furniture to modern furniture. 

So, go through our list and get ready to be inspired. Let's take a look! 

Best Furniture Stores In Melbourne 

1. Freedom Furniture 

Freedom is a well-known furniture brand having stores all across Australia. Founded in 1981, Freedom offers a wide range of furniture designs and styles at the best prices that can inspire you to redecorate your house. 

The brand features classic shapes and clean lines in its collections while maintaining variations without being overly exaggerated. Freedom can be an ideal choice if you want your home furnishing to look timeless. 

Furthermore, Freedom furniture stores feature a broad range of rugs, lighting fixtures, and wall art designs to suit your personal style. Not to mention, every Freedom store has a team of experienced interior designers who can help you with your home decor ideas. You can also visit the brand's official website to get some unique ideas that might inspire you. 

2. Ikea

When we talk about the best furniture stores (Melbourne), leaving Ikea off the list is impossible. It is one of Scandinavia's premier design houses featuring a minimalist aesthetic with functional and practical pieces that go well with any interior design. 

But most importantly, what makes Ikea stand out from other furniture brands is its affordable prices and easy-to-assemble pieces. Even though the brand doesn't offer the most luxurious furniture items, it has pieces with contemporary designs that can spruce up your living space and are pretty handy. You can visit the Ikea store at Richmond in Melbourne or browse the brand's website for more information. 

3. Adairs

Adairs can be the best furniture store in Melbourne if you're looking for full-house furnishing. The Adairs showrooms feature different collections of coffee tables, chairs, sofas, homewares, and lighting accessories having original designs. Adairs also include items from its in-house brands, such as Home Republic, Mark Tuckey, and Mercer + Reid. 

These brands offer pieces that suit different styles, from Mercer + Reid's vibrant colours and opulent textures to Home Republic's boho-chic style. Adairs stores also collaborate with different Australian designers and artists to feature their new collections each season. 

It can be your one-stop shop with all types of furniture pieces under one roof. Adairs has multiple showrooms in Melbourne, so you can visit any of them to pick your perfect piece. 

4. Great Dane

Great Dane is one of Melbourne's best furniture stores and features furniture pieces with a minimalist Scandinavian design, much like Ikea. The brand's furniture designs are timeless and well-suited for any room or living space of modern times. 

Moreover, Great Dane primarily uses earthy materials, such as reworked wood, to create sustainable products that are durable while having excellent quality. The brand is a leading supplier of homewares, lighting, and Scandinavian furniture in Australia.  

5. Living Edge 

Living Edge is known for its exquisite accent pieces, which set it apart from any ordinary or average furniture brand. For instance, the Living Edge Quilt chair features honeycomb-like skin upholstery made from foam inserts and hi-tech stretched fibre fitted over a fibreglass shell of chic design. 

Living Edge also has a wide range of modern and clean furniture pieces that go well with contemporary room designs. The pieces have an urban aesthetic and can easily double as artwork installations in any living space. You can head to the brand's Melbourne store at 132A Bridge Road, Richmond, to take a closer look at the gorgeous furniture pieces. 

6. Jardan

If you have a cool and quirky style and want to create a unique home design, Jardan can be the best furniture destination for you in Melbourne. The pieces perfectly blend the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic with the modern Aussie style while retaining a level of playfulness and relaxed simplicity. 

On top of this, Jardan promotes organic treatments of raw materials and sustainable sourcing to design eco-friendly products. If you want to explore the furniture collections, Jardan's Melbourne showroom is located at 522 Church Street, Richmond. 

Are Online Stores Cheaper Than Brick-And-Mortar Stores?

Shopping for furniture pieces at traditional brick-and-mortar stores can be quite expensive compared to online shopping. For instance, you can save a lot of money if you shop for bed frames or other furniture pieces from online shopping sites, such as Amazon, Koala, or Emma

This huge price difference exists because the brands must consider several factors, like expenses regarding maintenance of their showrooms, electricity bills, and paying the staff while pricing their products. 

In contrast, such factors don't come into account when the same brands decide to sell their furniture products online. If you're on a tight budget, following online shopping trends can be a much cheaper solution than visiting physical stores while buying furniture. 

Final Thoughts 

After going through our article, you must've realised that Melbourne has some excellent furniture shops offering various pieces suitable for any home design. Depending on your personal style and available budget, you can choose to shop from any of the stores listed above. 

If you want premium-quality furniture pieces, head to the Freedom, Great Dane, and Living Edge stores. Ikea and Jardan are also quite popular for their sustainable and durable products. However, it's best to opt for online stores with good furniture collections if you want to purchase quality furniture at affordable prices. 

Always consider the style and aesthetic of the furniture pieces so that they go well with the interior design of your home. Happy shopping!