Beds R Us Reviews: Are They Any Good?


January 9, 2024

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Getting a good night's sleep is crucial to your health, and a high-quality mattress plays a significant role in promoting good sleep and overall health. It also helps maintain a good body posture and can aid the body in recovering from strain and stress. 

As such, it’s only smart to put a considerable amount of effort into deciding which bed you’ll be investing in. No matter your preferences, organic or regular, there are always thousands of mattress brands to choose from. However, not every brand offers what they claim.

Beds R Us was established in the 1990s to provide Australians with quality sleep through excellent mattresses. Their mattresses are Aussie-made and sourced from family-owned manufacturers. Beds R Us is the sole stockist of Sleepyhead and the SleepMaker brand.

In this article, we will review the Beds R Us brand and see if it’s worth the buy.

Beds R Us mattresses: are they good?

Benefits of Beds R Us mattresses

Beds R Us provides a range of quality mattress brands that are tried and trusted. They stock Sleepyhead and SleepMaker brands. 

Another benefit of this brand is the availability of other bed accessories. Beds R Us stocks Nova bed bases as well as furniture. Beds R Us also provides resources on the best bed type that suits every individual's needs and preferences. They have options for side, stomach, and combination sleepers and those with back issues. 

The brand also provides ranges for kids, couples, individuals, and guests. The brand also has low-range mattresses starting from $199.

One benefit that stands out with Beds R Us is the availability of various payment options via different platforms. Some plans include 'buy now, pay later', including a customisable instalment option.

For every order, shipping time may vary, as some stores may use shipping agents to deliver. As such, shipping day, time, and price may vary based on the agent's pre-planned schedule and your location.

Drawbacks of Beds R Us mattresses

Although it is a leading brand, Beds R Us is also relatively high–end. The brands of mattresses they offer may be slightly expensive for the average Australian. 

In addition, they do not have a universal returns policy, which may cause some to be wary. Instead, the website advises that you visit the Beds R Us store from where you made your purchase.

Beds R Us vs Emma Sleep

Beds R Us and Emma both have various benefits to offer. While Beds R Us has a long history dating back to the 1900s, Emma is a relatively new brand that started in 2015. 

All Beds R Us mattresses are locally-sourced Australian-made, while Emma mattresses use advanced German technology.

Furthermore, Emma mattresses have the edge over beds are us because they offer a 100-night risk–free trial period. If you feel the mattress isn't right for you, you can return it for free and get a full refund. In addition, Emma mattress is the only brand to offer free delivery anywhere in Australia for all orders.

Also, Emma is an award-winning mattress brand that has taken the number one spot two years in a row at Australia's CHOICE's Top Mattress. In addition, all their mattresses promise zero motion transfer, durability, and cool sleeping on hot days. Emma mattress is also OEKO-TEX certified to the highest standard, which makes it fit for children. With a 10-year manufacturer warranty, Emma mattress stands out in the industry as a user's choice.  

The mattresses

Beds R Us stocks two major brands: Sleepyhead and SleepMaker. Both brands offer a wide range of beds for different purposes and preferences.

1. SleepMaker Miracoil review

The Miracoil from SleepMaker features a strengthened z-shaped coil support system that helps to reduce back strain. The manufacturers use quality Australian-made Dunlop dream foam tailored to support side sleepers, and sports Chiropractic Australia also endorses it.

It also boasts durability, adjustability, high-density cushion foam, and temperature regulation. The price range of the Miracoil range is $1199 - $1599.

2. SleepMaker Cocoon review

The SleepMaker's Cocoon range features three beds that use advanced SensorZone Technology for targeted support. They also have hypoallergenic and antimicrobial treatments to prevent bacteria growth.

Additionally, the range features Kulkote temperature-regulating technology that allows you to sleep cool throughout the night. Quality lustrous Climatex fibres also help to regulate body temperature.

The mattresses can rest on an adjustable base and have a comfortable edge to prevent that rolling-off feeling. The price range of the Cocoon mattresses is $3899 - $7799.

3. SleepyHead designed for you

The Designed for You range from Sleepyhead features a wide range of beds. There are the Queen Double, King Double, and many others. It has a full-width pocket spring for ultimate support.

In addition, it has a reinforced border, so you don't feel like rolling off. It also features unique comfort layers with Fusion Gel+ and Climatex quilt for breathability. The price range for the Designed For You is between $1249 - $1999.

4. SleepyHead Sleepy for you

The Sleepy For You range is for those looking for affordable and durable mattresses. It features a three-zoned pocket spring for comfort, longevity, airflow, and minimal motion transfer.

It also uses Kulkote silver technology to regulate temperature. The range has the options of superfirm, firm, medium, or plush. The price ranges from $1749 - $3249.

5. Sleepyhead Comfort for you

The Comfort For You mattresses include ultra plush, plus, medium, and firm. It uses lustrous silk to improve breathability and airflow. The layers are also treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials to keep them odour-free and hygienic. Furthermore, this range uses advanced five-zone pocket springs and Kulkote silver. The price range is between $2049 - $4999.

The Sleepyhead brand has other ranges like Swisstek, Balance, Slumber, Classic, and Sanctuary. Each range has its unique features and characteristics.

6. Sleepyhead Slumber mattress review

The Sleepyhead Slumber Memory Queen Mattress is a popular choice for those seeking a durable and affordable bed. Priced at $1,599, this mattress is designed to cater to a wide range of needs, including couples, guests, individuals, and kids. It features a heat-tempered pocket spring system, ensuring low partner disturbance and a supportive sleep experience.

The mattress is enhanced with two layers of superior Dunlop Dream Foam, which is treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobials, making it a great option for those with allergies. The inclusion of memory foam adds to the comfort, conforming to your body shape for a more personalised sleep experience. The mattress is also equipped with a Climatex quilt, adding an extra layer of comfort.

With a firmness level that balances support and comfort, the Sleepyhead Slumber Memory Queen Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring long-term satisfaction. It's also available in other sizes, including Single, King Single, Double, and King, making it a versatile option for different room sizes and preferences.

Overall, the Sleepyhead Slumber Memory Queen Mattress offers a combination of comfort, support, and value, making it a solid choice for a wide range of sleepers.

7. Swisstek mattress review

The Swisstek Entranced Firm Queen Mattress by Sleepyhead is designed to provide a luxurious back care and cooler sleep experience. It features a 7-zone support and comfort system that significantly reduces partner and sleep disturbance as well as pressure points, ensuring a more restful and undisturbed sleep. The mattress is equipped with Kulkote Silver temperature regulating technology, making it ideal for those who prefer a cooler sleeping environment.

Key features include antibacterial properties and two layers of superior Dunlop Dream Foam, which add to the comfort and hygiene of the mattress. It also boasts a comfort edge and is adjustable, catering to various sleeping preferences. The mattress is treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobials, enhancing its hypoallergenic properties.

The Swisstek Entranced Firm Queen Mattress is suitable for couples and guest rooms, offering a balance of comfort and support. It comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring long-term satisfaction and peace of mind. The mattress is also available in other sizes including Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, King, and Super King, catering to different space and size requirements.

This mattress is an excellent choice for those seeking a firm, supportive, and cooling sleep experience, backed by innovative technology and quality materials.


With such a wide range of mattresses, the best way to decide is to work with your preferences. Beds R Us has an extensive selection of mattresses that would give any brand a run for its money. With the advantage of over two decades of information, it's no wonder they are a leading mattress brand. 

However, we recommend buying mattresses online and going for the Emma mattress. It is a superb choice and an affordable, quality mattress. The Emma Comfort especially is a favourite among Australians.

The Emma Comfort superseded the Emma Original to win Australia's CHOICE Top Mattress. Thus, we recommend Emma Comfort for a good night's rest.