Beds Australia Review: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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A good night’s sleep is often the deciding factor for your overall health and happiness, which is why finding the right mattress for yourself is essential.

There are mattress brands aplenty on the market, making the task more taxing than it ought to be. Each mattress on the market brings a different specialisation and, in turn, offers options that satisfy specific people. Comparing various products to find the right one for you needn’t be a hassle.

This is where Beds Australia comes in, providing access to a wide range of leading mattress brands and giving you ample options to choose from. But what exactly is Beds Australia and what services do they provide?

Let’s go over the salient facts about Beds Australia and how it can help get the mattress made just for you.

Beds Australia: A One-Stop Bed Shop

Beds Australia is an independent mattress retailer that strives to introduce you to a range of mattress brands and accessories. Its mission statement is to provide you with the best possible sleep by helping you find the mattress that suits your needs the best.

The retailer aims to provide customers with the highest satisfaction with the products it introduces. Through an established heritage, strong track records of product quality and continuous evolution, Beds Australia looks to be the one-stop bed shop of the country.

What Beds Australia Offers

For a mattress retailer, one of the most important things to consider when aiming for customer satisfaction is good service above all. Beds Australia has it covered, with its mission statement making the core of the expert staff in the store.

Additionally, the mattress retailer offers the following to ensure that you find the mattress that is a perfect match for you.

1. Leading Brands

Beds Australia has a range of leading mattress brands to satisfy its customers, from A. H. Beard to Sealy Mattresses. Only the best products in each category are curated to be on the retail list for maximum comfort.

The concept of ‘the perfect mattress’ is a highly subjective one, and Beds Australia understands this well. By way of a great variety of brands with only the highest quality products, it has your comfort and sleep quality secured.

2. 100-Night Guarantee

Premium mattresses are a significant investment, as the best products can leave your wallet significantly lighter. With a 100-night guarantee on the comfort of your mattress, Beds Australia offers to have the mattress feel altered as per your requirements. 

This may involve the replacement of the comfort layer by the manufacturer and making it firmer or softer, according to the instructions you provide. 

3. Remove And Recycle Old Mattresses

Old mattresses take up valuable space, which is why Beds Australia has an option for removing or recycling them. If you have an old bed lying at home, you can opt to have it removed when your new mattress arrives. The retailer can also remove the ensemble bases if you choose so, save for wooden, metallic or slatted bases.

4. Fair Prices

Beds Australia has a price protection policy, meaning that you can opt for a refund of any price difference for up to three weeks. It also promises to match prices with a competitor on equivalent items.

5. 24 x 7 Customer Service

Good customer service is always ready to help customers find the solutions to their problems, which is precisely what Beds Australia strives for. The customer support helpline is active seven days a week for assistance. And a representative is always ready to chat about your issues on WhatsApp, no matter the time of the day.

What Makes Beds Australia Good

1. Continuous Evolution

Beds Australia improves their service continuously to provide you with the best possible customer support. This includes constant research in the field of mattresses for continuous growth, innovation and improvement.

Moreover, Beds Australia remains up-to-date with the innovations in the mattress segment. The retailer strives to bring you the latest and greatest on the market as the products are launched. It ensures that the products on the market are accessible to you, no matter where you live.

2. Customisable Bed

When it comes to something as personal as your sleep, you’ll want the best possible combination of elements for the perfect night’s sleep. Beds Australia recognises this and has the bases covered thoroughly.

You can fully customise each element of the bed, ranging from your choice fabrics to the headboard of your preference. The choice of fabrics is particularly vast, including mattresses made using wool, alpaca, silk, linen and many more natural fibres.

3. The Highest International Standards

The service Beds Australia provides looks to make its mark on the world, with deliveries that match the highest international standards. Offering only the best on the market, it aims to maintain a significant presence in the world of mattresses.

4. Widely Accredited

Multiple reputed industry body organisations have recognised the quality of the service Beds Australia provides. This includes the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council, of which Beds Australia is a part of. 

Rest assured, your comfort will be the priority of the retailer and you’ll receive a service that matches the standards set by the best retailers.


Beds Australia has made a name for itself in the past few years with its variety of brands, customisable beds and quality of service. Its core philosophy isn’t just hot air and every promise it makes is delivered to the letter. 

That said, it may be better to directly approach the manufacturer when it comes to mattress-in-a-box type beds. This particular type of mattress has taken off in popularity in recent years and purchasing one directly from the manufacturer is generally more convenient. Moreover, you may save money if you contact the brand for this type of product.

You may consider looking into the Emma Comfort Mattress, which is one such bed-in-a-box type mattress.