Beds N Dreams Reviews: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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The market for mattresses is exploding. Each company claims to offer simplicity, reliability, quality, and long life. However, practical experience should have shown you that not every product in the market is equal. Some beds are just way better than others. 

As such, we bring you this review to help you cut down the noise and focus on the best choices in the market. We'll take a look at Beds N Dreams mattresses and let you know if they are any good. In addition, we'll provide fair comparisons to let you know where other companies stand.

Beds N Dreams Review

Beds and Dreams is an Australian-owned retail outlet that has won many prizes for excellence. They offer a diverse range of mattresses to suit anyone's needs and wants. You can pick between different types, sizes, and mattress qualities. Ultimately, what really matters is which mattress lets you get the best sleep.

Behind the quality, you'll find industry-leading standardised multi-layer subassemblies and fully modular architecture in mattresses offered by Beds N Dreams stores. Besides, this retail outlet boasts a track record of successful business since its debut ten years ago decades ago.

You can customise your bedroom furniture with premier mattresses and curetted bed frames. So, whether you're looking for an upholstered bed frame or a traditional design that reminisces your personality, you've got everything covered.

Bed N Dreams offers an exclusive variety of bedroom suites and the latest multi-layer surface-mount mattress technology. Let's look at each of them from their pros and cons to determine which mattress is right for you.

Benefits of Beds and Dreams Mattresses

Beds and Dreams outlets offer mattresses made by different brands, which is why they have a vast selection. Going by the customer reviews, these mattresses meet most of their needs. They try to include affordable and premier brands too cater to customers from all walks of life.

If you are picky about everything that goes with a mattress, you can carefully pick and choose to create the perfect combination.

The retailer's full range of products includes kids, bedroom furniture, customised beds, and mattresses. You'll find brands such as Silent Night, Hypnos, Neo luxe, Englander, Master Tailor, and Amerisleep. Each of these brands comes in various dimensions that fit the paired bed sizes. For instance, king single mattresses would align perfectly with king single beds.

A mattress protector is one accessory you may want to add to your cart. It helps provide additional comfort while also ensuring your mattress stays protected from unsavoury elements.

Beds N Dreams also offers customised mattresses to provide comfort for people with lower back issues. That is not all; they also stock varieties that neatly tie with your body regardless of your sleeping position.

Each mattress is designed to regulate temperatures to let you slumber in comfort.

As part of their commitment to ensuring your satisfaction with their products, Beds N Dreams provide an extended warranty period for every purchase. For instance, a ten-year guarantee period on a product is a commitment that comes with a high level of service and customer support.

Whereas Beds N Dreams offers different mattresses and bedroom furniture, individual brands provide guarantees and refund policies.

Drawbacks of Beds N Dreams Mattresses

If, for some reason, you wish to change your mind after the mattress goes into production, the brand will charge a fee for restocking.

The company discourages re-sell of the unwrapped mattress, and the retailer will not exchange the product or offer a refund if you make the wrong purchase.

Although the retail outlet states that they'll process your refund in as short as ten business days, there is no mention of the trial period.

Bed frames and mattresses with additional features are more costly and thus out of reach for an average customer.

Beds N Dreams vs Emma Sleep

According to Emma specifics, this brand is proud to introduce three categories of unique mattresses: Emma Comfort, Emma Diamond Hybrid, and Emma Comfort Premium. The Emma Comfort, in particular, is a compact pressure-relieving mattress with functional innovations that blow away the standard limitations of other brands.

Unlike other brand offerings by Beds N Dreams, Emma mattresses are feature-rich. This ergonomically designed mattress provides contouring comfort that adjusts faithfully to the curves of your body. Emma uses its years of experience to develop a moisture-wicking, graphite-infused mattress with an affordable package. It deservingly takes the cake in this comparison review.

In addition, you can enjoy better shipping rates and a more generous return policy. As such, you have room to experiment before deciding on a mattress. This makes the company stand out above the rest.

Beds N Dreams Brands

Here's a look at some brands you'll find on Bed n Dreams. 

1. Neo Luxe

The Neo Luxe mattress derive their fine attributes from the raw material used in their construction. The band sources the various components from as far as Italy and within Australia. Neo Luxe is the flagship of Australia's Comfort Sleep brand. The brand's focus is producing a hand-tailor-made mattress. Prices start from $2,400.

2. Silentnight

For seven decades, Silent Night (UK's most respected brand) has been in business for almost a century. Like Neo Luxe, Silent Night produces mattresses through hand-made processes. The company is recognised and certified by GECA. Prices start from $419 and go up to $2,579.

3. The Englander

The legendary Englander brand made its first debut in 1894. It was in New York where the founder, Max Englander, established the company. The brand's mission of providing ultimate sleep comfort has remained steadfast over the years. They offer an array of sleep-comfort furniture to meet customers' ever-changing needs. Prices start from $319 and go up to $1,849.

4. Master tailor mattress review

Master Tailor Solitaire: The Master Tailor Solitaire mattress is a luxurious offering that combines expert craftsmanship with advanced technology. Handmade by skilled artisans with over a decade of experience, this mattress features a 12-Zone Dual Pocket Spring system, ensuring targeted support and comfort.

The use of high-quality Australian-made knit fabric with genuine silk fibers adds to its luxurious feel. The Solitaire is a testament to the art of mattress making, with prices starting from $5,549.

Master Tailor Stirling: The Stirling model from the Master Tailor collection showcases the blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. It is equipped with a 7-Zone Pocket Spring system, designed to provide optimal support across different areas of the body.

The mattress incorporates innovative materials like Hygroflex for pressure relief and Herkules 7 Titanium Alloy Pocket Springs for durability and support. Handcrafted by experienced artisans, the Stirling is priced from $3,749.

Final Words

With all of that out of the way, we wholeheartedly recommend Emma Comfort over the rest. Aside from the high-quality materials and reasonable pricing, you also get the benefit of cheaper shipping rates and a generous return policy.

While the other brands still have good offerings, Emma Comfort has more experience in this field and is backed by thousands of satisfied customers. Furthermore, buying online means you never have to leave the comfort of your home. What more could you ask for?