Bedding Warehouse Mattresses: Are They Any Good?


January 9, 2024

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Your productivity during the day sometimes depends on how much rest you get at night. If you’re not well rested, you could spend much of your productive time yawning and feeling tired.

This lack of vigour, in turn, leads to fewer milestones achieved during the day. Plus, you could develop health problems like back pain and headaches if you do not have a great mattress. As a result, getting a great mattress is very important as it can affect your lifestyle and productivity.

With two large warehouses spanning a large land area, Bedding Warehouse Mattresses has a large collection of mattresses from some of the biggest mattress-making names. This article reviews Bedding Warehouse Mattresses and helps you make the best purchase decision.

Bedding Warehouse Mattresses: Are They Any Good?

Benefits of Bedding Warehouse Mattresses

As mentioned earlier, Bedding Warehouse Mattress has some of the biggest Mattress collections in Australia. This feature makes shopping for your next mattress from them a great idea.

Being a dealer comes with its perks. This brand sources mattresses directly from manufacturers and displays them in their showhouses, enabling you to get your choice mattress at low prices.

In addition, Bedding Warehouse Mattress offers bigger discounts than you could get from smaller vendors. You can also get cash and price discounts if you are replacing mattresses in your home.

Their collection makes getting mattresses for different age groups and purposes super simple. For example, at very good prices, you can find student mattresses, firm mattresses, soft mattresses, single mattresses, and double mattresses.

The company also ensures everyone gets an offer that matches their budget and needs.

Lastly, this company has a dedicated customer care call line and email, something you’ll not see with many mattress dealers. Also, they resolve any complaints or replies to your enquiries as soon as possible.

Drawbacks of Bedding Warehouse Mattresses

Bedding Warehouse Mattresses, like any other brand, has its shortcomings. One very obvious thing is that there is no trial period for mattresses. Some brands offer a 100-day trial period during which you can test this mattress and confirm you’re satisfied.

This period may also come with a money-back guarantee. However, Bedding Warehouse Mattresses do not offer any of these options.

Similarly, some of the mattress options at Bedding Warehouse are costly and may be above the reach of some people. These mattresses are mostly in the top tier and offer the best comfort.

Bedding Warehouse Mattresses vs. Emma Mattresses

Emma Sleep is another popular name offering top-notch quality mattresses in Australia. Comparing these two brands is tough since both offer a lot of benefits.

Anyway, there are some areas where Emma Mattresses beats Bedding warehouse Mattresses.

Firstly, Emma ships all your orders, regardless of the price, for free. Bedding Warehouse does not ship outside the metro, and you’ll pay for the delivery of items less than $250.

Emma Mattresses come with a 100-night trial period for every mattress you order. This benefit helps you to select what truly suits your needs. You can also track your order as it gets delivered, giving you an idea of when to expect your new mattress.

Finally, they have a very flexible delivery schedule, and you can get instant day delivery depending on your needs.

Brands Available at Bedding Warehouse Mattresses

Here are some of the quality mattress brands you can get at Bedding Warehouse Mattress at affordable prices:

1. ChiroComfort Mattress MKIII Single

This mattress is a medium-feel build, which means it isn’t too strong or soft. It has the traditional innerspring mattress design giving it a medium support layer. It’s a bit firm, so you’ll not get the sinking feeling of memory foam.

The ChiroComfort Mattress MKIII Single is great for people who sleep on their sides and backs. Mixed sleepers could also get a premium feeling when using this mattress.

This mattress is averagely affordable if you activate the promo with discounts on the price. You can pay all at once or use the AfterPay payment service. There are no interests or hidden charges.

2. HappySleep Latex Memory Foam

This mattress has a premium build and super quality but costs a large sum. It has a top layer made from latex that relieves your body of pressure when sleeping. This latex layer is also hypo-allergenic, mould-resistant, and does not breed bed lice.

HappySleep does not sag over time, ensuring your body stays in the optimal position for breathing during sleep. In addition, it also helps you balance when sleeping with your partner and removes disturbance when they roll over on the bed.

In addition, the Tencel Fabric cover is breathable and helps air your mattress after heavy usage. The bed is double-sized so that you can enjoy a blissful night with your partner.

3. PostureSleep Mattress

This mattress has single and queen sizes, so you can choose whichever suits your needs. You can go for the single queen size with the discounts. You can pay for your choice at once or use the AfterPay quarterly service.

PostureSleep gives a firm 7.5 feel out of 10 points, making it the perfect option for stomach and back sleepers. People who sleep on their side can give it a try too. Mattresses bear the Enduro Support System, making them sturdy - when having a rough night with your partner. Its unique Merlin Advanced Multi-Zone Pocket Springs also reduce disturbance from your partner when sleeping.

The single option also has a firm surface and is great for students and people who use their beds as a table. In addition, the mattresses’ broad edges give you more space for relaxation.

4. Back Care Queen Mattress

As mentioned earlier, Bedding Warehouse Mattresses has some student options. The Back Care Queen Mattress tops that list. This pick gives students the perfect relaxation they need after a stressful study day.

Students read a lot, sometimes with their backs bent over their books. As a result, this mattress’s Medium Bonnell Spring structure ensures that you get a sturdy surface that straightens the back.

The bed has double layers and a breathable fabric layer for a more exciting sleeping experience. You can get this student version or pay quarterly with AfterPay.

Final Thoughts

Getting a mattress from big dealers who source directly from manufacturers is a great idea and saves you a lot of money. Firstly, you’ll have a lot of options from the top mattress brand at your disposal.

Second, you get your mattress in a box - as fresh as ever. Some manufacturers offer guarantees that help you claim a replacement if you’re unsatisfied with the quality.

In addition, you can also access lower prices since there are no intermediaries in the supply chain. This benefit helps you get a much more reasonable discount than smaller dealers.

Emma Comfort Mattress beats Bedding Warehouse Mattresses since you also have an additional 100-day trial period. The fast delivery also ensures you get your mattress as fast as possible.