Atlantis Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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In our Atlantis sleep mattress review we see if it comes to peaceful slumber, and this mattress plays a key role.

Not only does it help you to get some quality rest, but it also keeps physiological problems like back and neck pains in check. 

As a result, you can wake up in the mornings refreshed and focused. And that, in turn, will help you increase your workplace productivity. 

That is why we did some research and reviewed the Atlantis mattress, which is regarded by many as one of the best mattresses available in Australia. So, if you are curious to know what we thought about this particular mattress, then keep reading!

Atlantis Mattress Review


Atlantis Sleep is a brand that has become fairly well-known in the Australian mattress market owing to its high-quality products. It is due to this reason that the Atlantis mattress is held in high regard by many Australians today. Of course, there are some other features that contribute to the popularity of this mattress, as we have listed below.

  • Multi-zone support framework
  • Adjustable comfort system
  • 100% Australian-made
  • Highly breathable and supportive
  • Made from eco-friendly Seaqual yarn
  • GECA-certified mattress
  • 100-night trial period
  • Includes a 10-year warranty
  • Free delivery

Those were some of the top highlights of this mattress. In the sections below, we have discussed the different features of this mattress in greater detail so that you can decide if it’s worth the investment.

What Is rhe Atlantis Mattress made of?

This is naturally the first question that comes to everyone’s mind when they are looking to buy a mattress. After all, the materials used play a crucial part in the overall feel and usability of the mattress. 

A product that is made from poor-quality materials will definitely be a cause for concern, as it will feel uncomfortable to sleep on. Similarly, if you are allergic to some of the materials used, it won’t be a wise decision to invest in the mattress.

On that note, the Atlantis Mattress is a type of hybrid mattress, which means that it is made of foam layers and pocket springs. There are also other materials used in this mattress besides these two, spread out across four different layers. As such, we have described the mattress construction in detail below.

1. Top sleep surface

According to the brand, the top surface of the Atlantic mattress is made from a “Sea-Soft Fabric Cover.” This is essentially a combination of Tencel fibres and the unique Seaqual yarn. The latter is made from recycled ocean plastics, which makes it a highly sustainable option.

Because of these two materials, you get a highly breathable outer sleeping surface that is perfectly suited for the sweltering Australian summers. Moreover, the mattress is quilted with Australian Hypersoft foam so that body impressions can be eliminated and airflow can be improved even further.

2. Comfort layer

Lying underneath the top surface is the comfort layer, which is a tri-layered system made of hybrid-flow foam. In other words, the comfort layer has three sub-layers, each made from open-celled, breathable foam.

The foam comfort layers provide adequate softness to this mattress for light sleepers. And here, we should tell you that the foam is GECA-certified, so you can rest assured about its safety. 

3. Comfort-adjust layer

Possibly the most striking feature of this mattress is the innovative comfort-adjust layer, which allows you to change its overall feel on either side of the mattress. It is made from adjustable memory foam that comes in three different levels - soft, medium and hard.

The “half/half” feature will allow you to order a customised mattress where one side will feel soft while the other will feel firmer to sleep on.

So, for instance, if you feel like changing the feel of one side of the mattress from firm to medium, simply unzip the cover and change the comfort adjust layer accordingly. If you make a support request, the brand will ship the comfort change layer free of cost.

4. Support layer

At the bottom of this mattress lies the support layer, which is made from premium-quality pocket springs. With it, you get superior contouring and support for all the major pressure points on your body.

The layer features a double-tempered spring system, which allows for multiple support zones throughout the mattress. As such, you get the optimal level of support for different body areas and sleeping positions. 

You will also notice that the pocket springs along the mattress perimeter are firmer. This has been done to provide better edge support.

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How does the Atlantic mattress feel?

Now that you know what is inside the mattress, it’s time to ask the next most important question - how does it feel to sleep on it? Well, the adjustable design of the mattress makes it suitable for most sleepers. 

If you are a light sleeper, you can opt for the soft version of this mattress. On the firmness scale, it scores between 4 and 5, which means that it is pretty soft. But not too soft, so you don’t have to worry about sinking into it while sleeping.

In case you have moderate weight, then the medium variant will fit the bill quite well. It scores around 6 on the firmness scale, which makes it ideal for both side and back sleepers.

Subsequently, heavier sleepers can go with the firm variant, which scores around 7 and 8 on the firmness scale. Because of that, it does not sink in at all, ensuring excellent support for the higher body weight. Likewise, it is a great pick for stomach sleepers as well, as the firmer feel promotes a healthy spinal alignment when sleeping in such a position.

Owing to the surface materials and foam structure, the mattress does not disappoint with its breathability either. It allows for a steady flow of air to the inner layers, which absorbs sweat and keeps you cool through the night. Thus, the mattress is also suitable for hot sleepers.

Even couples with different firmness preferences will find the Atlantis mattress to be a good option. The reason for this is the availability of the “half/half” mattress variants. You can choose between the Soft+Medium, Medium+Firm and Firm+Soft mattresses, depending on the sleeping position and firmness requirements of you and your partner.

Additionally, the pocket spring layer effectively reduces motion transfer to give you uninterrupted sleep. And the multiple support zones help to relieve pressure around your hips, shoulders, back and neck.

What are the sizes and prices of the Atlantis mattress?

With the build and feel of the mattress out of the way, now we come to its cost. In that context, the prices for the Atlantis mattress might seem a bit steep, especially if you are on a budget. But considering its design and features, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. 

As for the sizes, the mattress is available in five different options to choose from - Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King. The prices for each of these options are listed below.

  • Single: $1,399
  • King Single: $1,499
  • Double: $1,699
  • Queen:  $1,899
  • King: $ 2,149

These are the base prices that you need to pay when ordering from the brand’s official website. That said, Atlantis offers attractive discounts on the mattress prices from time to time. So, if you wait, you can save a lot of money with these discounts, which again increases the value of this product considerably. 

Bonus features

Now that you know about the basic aspects of this mattress, let’s talk about some of its bonus features. If you reside in a metro city, you can get the mattress delivered to your doorstep free of cost within 5 to 7 days. This is highly convenient and can also help you save some money on the delivery process.

After the delivery personnel have installed the mattress, they can help remove and recycle your old mattress in exchange for a small fee. If you don’t know anything much about mattress disposals, you will find this very handy.

Additionally, the mattress comes with a 100-night guarantee for convenience. Meaning, if you are not satisfied with the mattress for some reason, you can return it and opt for a full refund during this period.

Furthermore, you get a lengthy 10-year warranty on purchasing this mattress. This means that if you encounter any issues or defects with it during this time, you can opt for a replacement mattress free of cost.

Final verdict

That brings us to the end of this Atlantis mattress review. Now, the question that arises is - should you go for the mattress? And the answer to that question is yes, you can absolutely get it, provided you’ve got the funds.

It doesn’t matter what type of sleeper you are or what sleeping position you prefer - with the comfort-adjust layer, the mattress can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. Only a few mattresses today offer such a level of versatility, and that alone makes it worth the purchase.

Besides, its excellent breathability keeps you from getting hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. And with its minimal motion transfer, it is a great choice for couples or families to sleep together in peace.

However, if your looking for a high quality mattress we recommended getting Emma Comfort.