Amart Mattress Review: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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There’s no denying that the search for a good-quality mattress can be daunting, especially for an Amart mattress. 

After all, it’s quite confusing to pick a truly reliable option among the innumerable brands that have entered the market. While all claim to offer the desired performance, their claims can never be enough to guarantee that customers will derive the comfort they’re looking for. 

It’s the experience of previous customers and the opinions of experts that can throw some light on what these brands offer. And one such name on the market right now is Amart Furniture. On its website, the company offers mattresses from several brands like Dream Elegance, Sealy, Orthokinetic, Dunlop, and Llama. 

So, are Amart mattresses indeed worth the investment? Read our detailed guide to know what the experts in our team have gathered from their research after evaluating many of these mattresses. 

Are Amart mattresses any good?


Let’s start with a quick glance at the significant features on offer in the mattresses put forth by Amart furniture. Here, it’s worth noting that the queen-size mattresses are of standard dimensions and can fit average-sized beds. 

  • 6-turn pocket-spring structure
  • Bamboo stretch knit ticking
  • Supportive foam layers
  • Pillow-top mattress
  • Available in grey and white finishes

Orthokinetic mattress review

Orthokinetic Apollo: This mattress features the least amount of pocket springs in the range but still manages to provide adequate pressure relief for your body. It's likely a good option if you're looking for a balance between support and comfort without an abundance of springs.

Orthokinetic Arlo: Positioned as a mid-range mattress, the Arlo offers a balanced mix of pressure relief and spinal support, aiming for a comfortable sleeping experience. This could be a great pick if you need a mattress that supports a good night's sleep with equal emphasis on comfort and support.

Orthokinetic Octavia: As a higher-range option, the Octavia promises enhanced durability and support. It's designed to minimise partner disturbance while maximizing comfort. This mattress might be ideal if you're looking for a high-quality, supportive sleeping experience with minimal motion transfer.

Orthokinetic Signature Monarch: At the top of their range, this mattress features a removable pillow top, adding an extra layer of softness. Available in various sizes, it comes with a 25-year warranty, making it a luxurious and long-term investment for your sleep comfort​​.

Dream elegance mattress review

Dream Elegance 5500 Comfort: This mattress is an affordable option that doesn't skimp on comfort, featuring a tencel pillow top for maximum comfort. It's available in both queen and king sizes, catering to those who need a supportive yet comfortable sleep solution​​.

Dream Elegance 4500 Comfort: Boasting a 6 turn pocket spring support structure and latex foam comfort layers, this mattress is covered with a tencel pillow top, ensuring an ultra-comfortable sleep. It's available in queen and double mattress sizes, making it versatile for different room sizes​​.

Dream Elegance 2000: This affordable mattress combines comfort and support, featuring a pocket spring mattress and soft bamboo stretch knit ticking with a pillow top. It's available in a wide range of sizes, from single to king, making it a great choice for various needs​​.

Dream Elegance Bliss: Offering quality and comfort at an attractive price, this premium foam mattress with a spring system minimises partner disturbance. Available in single, double, and queen sizes, it's a great choice for those looking for minimal movement transfer during sleep​​.

Better alternatives

But the next big question is, what are some better alternatives to Amart? As we’ve already put brands, such as Emma, Koala and Origin, ahead of Amart, you might want to know more about their mattresses.

So, here’s a brief round-up of each of these options:

1. Emma Comfort Mattress

This soft yet firm mattress can provide users with ache-free and thoroughly relaxing sleep that everyone yearns for. It consists of three advanced foam layers that adapt automatically and quickly to the body to prevent the formation of pressure points that can cause discomfort during sleep. 

These layers include an elastic Fresh Air cover made of climate-controlled fibre, an ultra-comfortable Airgocell foam layer, and a supportive HRX foam layer. While the cover regulates humidity, the Airgocell foam layer offers great motion elasticity to ensure zero partner disturbance. 

As for the HRX foam layer, it’s designed with advanced zoning technology to enable proper shoulder, spinal, and hip alignment. So, the mattress contours to the body perfectly, and the open pores of the foam enhance breathability. This option also comes with a beneficial 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. 

2. The Koala Mattress

The Koala mattress sports a two-layered design known as Kloudcell that’s made of breathable and comfortable open-cell foam, refined to provide the ultimate comfort. Plus, its medium-firm top layer is easily adjustable as per your sleeping needs, which ensures all types of sleepers are able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Note that the mattress layers are treated to provide optimal 3-zone support and facilitate proper air circulation.

Other noteworthy features of this mattress include its entirely eco-friendly manufacturing process and superior motion isolation, whereby the supportive layer ensures zero motion transfer across the bed. And to top it all off, the brand offers users a 120-night trial period and a 10-year warranty. 

3. Origin Hybrid mattress

The Origin Hybrid Mattress, with a 4.91 out of 5 rating, offers great value for all types of sleepers. It features sustainable materials, a handcrafted pillowtop for pressure relief, and Hexagrid™ technology for body adaptation.

It's constructed with natural Tencel™, Australian wool, bamboo-infused memory foam, and antigravity springs. Origin also provides a generous 120-night trial with a full refund policy, and returned mattresses are donated to charities​​​​​​.

How do these mattresses feel to sleep on?

The right balance of comfort and body support is key for sound and healthy sleep. As for the mattresses sold on Amart, they feature a variety of layers and use different manufacturing techniques with an aim to provide the desired comfort. 

While some products incorporate a 6-turn pocket spring support structure and a stretch knit pillow top, others come with microfibre quilting, support coils, and foam layers. As for the rest, they use a combination of engineered spring technology and foam layers for comfort.  You'll find the Nook mattress to be a popular choice often picked.

But as per our evaluation of some of the mattresses and the customer reviews we found, the spring systems didn’t meet quality standards. To elaborate further, we found that the pocket spring support or engineered spring technology didn’t provide adequate motion isolation. This implies you’re likely to be disturbed by your partner’s movement while they toss or turn in their sleep. 

Another drawback of these spring systems is that they’re considerably noisy and may disrupt your sleep when switching positions. 

Coming to the foam layers used, their comfort level didn’t seem at par with many high-performing options on the market. In effect, these can't provide a healthy balance of softness and firmness that’s crucial for getting ideal and fulfilling sleep. 

The support coils used in a few mattresses are also a sticking point. That’s because they might not be as durable in the long run and do not provide consistent lumbar support that’s essential for an ache-free and healthy sleep. 

As such, for people seeking a better mattress to ease their lumbar pains or strains, it will be ideal to go for better-quality options like Koala or Emma.

Materials used in the mattress

Though buyers nowadays tend to ignore the materials used in a mattress, they are key to determining its quality, safety, and durability. For instance, in case you’re sensitive to any material, it might lead to stress and allergic reactions. 

That’s why we had to figure out what contributed to the unsatisfactory quality of the Amart mattresses. And through our extensive research, here’s what our experts found out about the different materials used in the mattresses:

1. Outer layers

The outer layers of these mattresses are mostly composed of microfibre quilt material that aims to provide a comfortable sleeping surface. 

However, some buyers revealed that the weave of the microfibre sheets used for the outer part wasn’t efficient and durable enough. This led to inconsistent support along with occasional discomfort during sleep. 

Such a weave might not be able to withstand regular use and prevent mite infestation in the long run. As such, you can’t rule out the chances of further degradation upon extensive use. 

2. Spring technology and coils

The springs used in a mattress lend the back support that’s integral to getting a good night’s sleep. As such, they should be strong, flexible and capable of providing consistent support throughout. 

But in the case of Amart mattresses, we found that the springs were somewhat rigid and made the bed relatively uncomfortable to sleep on. Also, for the mattresses that have coils, their heavy steel construction didn’t seem useful either as they didn’t provide the desired bounce or contouring. 

Such attributes put these mattresses behind other efficient options, such as the Emma or the Koala models. And those already suffering from backaches or strains are at greater risk as this might worsen their condition. That said, we’d recommend reading through the customer reviews of any mattress before making a final decision. 

3. Supportive foam layers

Coming to the foam layers used in a few Amart mattresses, the site claims that they are certified to meet rigorous performance, durability, and emission standards. 

But such layers don’t provide adequate back support and aren’t as long-lasting as the foam used in a supportive mattress such as Emma. Note that providing the ideal support in areas like the shoulders, spine, and hips is crucial to facilitate ache-free and comfortable sleep, but that’s lacking in such Amart mattresses. 

Moreover, the use of memory foam in the mattresses results in greater heat retention, so they might make you feel warmer during summers. 

Weight and thickness

The comfort level and convenience of a mattress are dependent on its weight and thickness. As such, it’s important to check whether the mattress meets the standard in terms of such criteria. Speaking of the various mattresses sold by Amart, our research revealed a disparity in the weight. 

To be more precise, the mattresses from brands like Llama weigh between 23 and 26 kgs, which is well within the industry average. But some options from brands, such as Dream Elegance and Sealy, are on the heavier side, as they weigh between 30 and 40 kgs.

Coming to thickness, we observed a similar trend, as some mattresses were around 170 to 180-mm thick, while others were much thicker. But a word of caution - these mattresses don’t come with the ideal foam density and durability that’s essential for thicker options. 

How much do these mattresses cost?

Considering your budget is important when investing in a product for long-term use, so you need to have an idea about the price of the mattresses sold on Amart. Note that they are available at a variety of rates based on the brand and the materials used. 

While you’ll find Queen mattresses priced as low as $229, others come at rates as high as $1,399. That said, even the more expensive options can’t match up to the performance offered by a good mattress, such as the Koala or the Delta Sleep. 

Warranty and return policy

Though often overlooked by many, the warranty and return policy are crucial considerations when it comes to shopping for a mattress. These allow you to reach out to the brand in case of any issues with the mattress or if you’re unsatisfied with its performance. 

As for the Amart mattresses, we were unable to find information on the return policy offered by most brands, though some came with a 180-night trial. In comparison, other mattress brands, such as Koala and Emma, clearly mention the warranty and trial period on offer, which naturally adds to their reliability. 

Are they suitable for you? 

As evident from above, there are several points of concern with regard to Amart mattresses. 

While they’re unable to provide the balanced feel that’s expected of any standard mattress, users might also not get the desired pressure relief during sleep. This is due to the use of inferior springs or coils in the top layers and less durable foam for the inner supportive layers. 

Even the bamboo stretch-knit ticking used in some of the mattresses isn’t soft and durable enough to provide effective and long-lasting performance. Other drawbacks are the unavailability of adequate information on the return policy for many products and disparity in thickness and weight. 

Considering such factors, we feel the nook mattress and other Amart mattresses aren’t a suitable choice for getting comfortable and healthy sleep in the long term. 


To sum up, for the price most Amart mattresses lack the quality and durability essential for providing consistent comfort and support while resting. And regular use might give rise to greater discomfort during sleep.

In comparison, it’s much more beneficial to go for Emma or check out our Koala mattress review that provide an efficient combination of the right comfort, support, and breathability. That’s why we’d suggest opting for any of these if you’re looking for a comfortable and long-lasting mattress. 

But your choice among these three mattresses will depend upon your preferences with regard to sleep positions, firmness and breathability. For instance, those who require more support during sleep owing to back issues should go for either the Emma or the Delta Sleep mattress. But if motion isolation and comfort are your primary lookouts, then the Koala mattress will be a great pick. 

That’s about it for today, but we’ll return soon with more guides.

Till then, take care!