Is Black Friday a Good Day to Buy a Mattress?


January 9, 2024

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A good mattress is necessary for your overall health. But getting new bedding, furniture, and other household items can be stressful and, most importantly, expensive. Therefore, scheduling these big purchases around Black Friday sales is a great idea. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are popular worldwide due to the deals that customers get to enjoy. When Black Friday comes around, retailers advertise discounts and bargains, and the shoppers gladly take them in preparation for Christmas. 

Mattress brands usually have major sales around major holidays such as Labour Day and Black Friday. However, nothing beats the deals that Black Friday comes with for anyone looking for a comfortable mattress. 

In this article, we’ve taken the liberty of outlining all the details you need to know before you leverage Black Friday sales for great mattress deals.

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Good Times to Buy a Mattress?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great days to buy a mattress because of the deals, sales and discounts most retailers offer.

Moreover, November, in general, marks a time when brands are willing to cut down the high prices on most products. Therefore, it is crucial to start going through the anticipated deals early because some retailers might run early sales before Thanksgiving. Some shops run these sales before the Thanksgiving season because that's when everybody comes out to shop. For instance, some stores start running sales in October. 

Checking the brands that ran a sale last year would be a good predictor of the sales this year. To be in a good position, it would be best to research different brands and check their websites for previous sales they ran. If you see that their best prices were around Black Friday, prepare to go shopping that day.  

Should You Get a Mattress in Black Friday Sales for a Christmas Present?

Traditionally, Black Friday has always signified the beginning of the festive season in the US, and it usually occurs the Friday after Thanksgiving. However, in Australia, Black Friday signifies the beginning of Christmas shopping. 

Black Friday has been popular in America for ages, but in Australia, this tradition is still taking root. Black Friday sales began in the 1950s when people started earning more and had more money to spend. 

Many people in Australia get excited around Black Friday because they can buy Christmas presents at a lower price. Retailers usually outdo each other in presenting customers with the best prices. Both online and physical retailers participate in giving their customers discounts. You can also use this time of the year to get additional bedding making your bedroom a sanctuary. 

Although Black Friday is many days away from Christmas, you can always buy early presents for family and friends to avoid rushing at the last minute. Mass buying around Black Friday has proven to be a sure way to save a lot of money. 

Where Do I Get the Best Black Friday Deals on Mattresses? 

Shopping today has been simplified by the internet. All you have to do is open the internet and visit major shopping malls like Amazon to get a range of prices to expect. Big retailers are more likely to give huge discounts because they have the finances that allow that. We recommend searching for your products before Black Friday arrives because some sales are limited to only a few moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are some mattress-buying tips?

You can negotiate lower prices from your retailers, and if they refuse, you can walk away and look for better options. Additionally, when shopping for mattresses, the attendants might try to sway you into buying other accessories you may not need. To make the most of your budget, you should stick to the list you made before coming to the store. 

Also, the flash sales around that time of the year are crazy; however, you should not focus on the high percentage discount they claim to be giving. Sometimes, they can offer a high percentage of a product, but it is still considerably more expensive than other brands with the same quality. Therefore, focus on the dollar tag and decide whether that is the price you anticipated. 

Q2. When am I likely to get the best black Friday deal?

Brands offer their lowest prices around mid-late November. Buying mattresses in mid-late November can also get you gifts to add to your bed. In 2021, the prices were not as low because many companies were still struggling after the pandemic. However, most businesses have been fully operational throughout 2022; therefore, the deals will most likely be very enticing this year. 

However, you should also consider the potential delivery delays since many people might purchase these mattresses. Therefore, if you want to save some money and don't mind missing out on the extra $50 they deduct mid-late November, you can buy your mattress in early November. 

This year, the Black Friday sale is expected to start during the Thanksgiving week or from November 21 going up to after November 25, which is Black Friday. Moreover, last year, the black Friday mattress sales lasted up to cyber monday, with prices dropping by up to $100. 


If you want to upgrade your bedroom, Black Friday is the ideal time of the year. Household items such as mattresses tend to be expensive; therefore, saving a couple of dollars on the purchase can go a long way in helping you fully furnish your home.

Moreover, it is recommended to change your mattress about every ten years. However, you are not limited to ten years; you can change your mattress if it starts feeling uncomfortable, if you prefer a bigger size, or when moving to another apartment. 

So, take advantage of the Black Friday sales and save some dollars. This year's sale will be much bigger; therefore, we don't expect you to miss out!